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Miles appreciates the feedback sent by many Whistleblower Movement Warriors at home and abroad on yesterday’s GTV broadcast. Especially those from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) law enforcement system, they thanked Miles for removing evil rogues like Fu Zhenghua and Sun Lijun.

  • But why did none of the overseas pro-democracy activists dare to stand up and scold Fu and Sun or even mention their names before he got arrested?

Miles believes that the most shameless thing in the world is to take what belongs to someone else for yourself.

  • Greedy Liar Lude is no better than a streetwalker. He always wanted to keep everything for himself, but unfortunately, his wife no longer belonged to him.
  • A WM warrior from Heilongjiang, who had colluded with Fu, advised Miles not to talk about Fu on GTV. And Miles kept his promise to him. But now, this man wanted to take all the credit for capturing Fu. 

The great judgment day is approaching. All those who have done evil to the Chinese people will be punished by 2025. Vaccines are the great purge of the evil ones. Vaccines will bring about a major purge for the evil ones. 

  • Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau looted all of Mile’s assets and properties in Beijing, even his mother’s birthday presents. These assets that they took were never recorded and later went to themselves.
  • Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau also took the assets from Gao Hui, Former Director, Operations Division, 17 Bureau, Ministry of State Security, after they defined his cause of death as death from brain cancer. 
  • Miles warned Mr. Dong, a criminal from Hebei, that he knew where he was hiding money overseas. Even if he has bought off a few of Xi Jinping’s family members, he can’t escape this time.
  • Meng Jianzhu, Shun Jianjun, and Fu Zhenghua have turned law enforcement officials into walking zombies. Xi is too weak to take action against them, but Zeng Qinghong will. The New Federal State of China (NFSC) will also punish them according to international law. 
Camera FV-5

The NFSC will not forget the people who helped and rescued our WM warriors in Communist China. We will thank them by gifting them with shares and Himalaya coins.

  • Many thanks to the law enforcement officials in Guangdong and Hainan.

The Fu incident reflects the incompetence of Chinese men. There are no “real men” in Communist China.

  • There are many conscientious people in the law enforcement system and the military. But sadly, the majority are women. That’s why capable Chinese women should fill 70% of NFSC’s future official positions.