Source: Free West Media

The affidavit of Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long is also part of a federal lawsuit against the US Army’s forced vaccination regime.

A US Army aviation doctor, Lt. Col. Theresa Long, recently warned military pilots of the risk of injecting gene preparations against Covid-19. The senior flight surgeon with specialized training in infectious diseases, warned that side effects could cause pilots to die in mid-flight. She was trained by the Combat Readiness Center as an aviation safety officer.

The American Military News as well as The Washington Times reported that Long has filed an affidavit against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for active-duty military personnel. In the affidavit, the physician underscored that pilots had a high risk of heart muscle inflammation or myocarditis, associated with “sudden cardiac death”.

Long has been responsible for certifying the fitness of at least 4 000 US Air Force pilots with the 1st Aviation Brigade in Alabama. Her declaration was submitted under the “Military Whistleblower Protection Act” as part of a pending federal lawsuit against the military’s “unethical” mandatory vaccination scheme.

According to Long, the Department of Defense has shunned its own protocols by not requiring an MRI scan of each airman after vaccination. “The majority of young new Army aviators are in their early twenties. We know there is a risk of myocarditis with each mRNA vaccination,” she said.

“Due to the ammunition that our flight crews carry with them, as well as the operational areas over inhabited areas, sudden cardiac death is an extraordinarily high risk for the crews themselves and for others,” Long told American Military News.

In May, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognized the risk of heart infections such as myocarditis and pericarditis in connection with the two Covid “vaccines” from Pfizer and Moderna. The CDC website continues to warn against myocarditis and pericarditis as possible side effects of the two gene substances, especially in adolescents and young adults.

“It is reasonable to conclude that these shots pose a serious risk to many humans due to direct adverse effect or allergic reaction,” Long added and advised her employer against requiring vaccinations with either Comirnaty or BioNtech.

“The use of force to administer a medical treatment or therapy against the will of a mentally competent individual constitutes medical battery and universally violates medical ethics,” Long noted in the affidavit. “Literature has demonstrated that natural immunity is durable, complete, and superior to vaccination immunity to SARs-CoV-2.”

The US District Court for Colorado has rejected the case, originally brought by two military staff sergeants in August, but has allowed plaintiffs to bring additional evidence. Two attorneys leading the suit against the US military, David Wilson and Todd Callender, confirmed to The Washington Times that they have submitted their amended complaint.

“Last week we filed the amended complaint and that’s when the affidavit came from Col. Long,” Wilson said, explaining that the physician’s report “demonstrates an irreparable and immediate harm” to military pilots with these mandatory jabs.

“We’re not looking for damages,” Callender pointed out. “All we’re asking is for the court to stop the shots until we figure out why we’re using investigational new drugs under emergency use.”

The Biden administration had not responded to the lawsuit.