New York teachers and activists hold huge demonstration protesting de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for educators.

Source: Nworeport

Activists flooded the streets of New York City Monday, with thousands protesting the mayor’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for teachers.

Monday marked the start of Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate requiring educators get jabbed or be fired, with no option for testing out.

“About 8,000 employees refused to be vaccinated and have been placed on unpaid leave, city officials said Monday,” the New York Times reported.

Footage shows throngs of activists marching down the Brooklyn Bridge on their way to Manhattan, where they protested outside the New York Department of Education administrative building and ended outside the Consulate General of Australia.

Several activists and teachers also held press conferences and gave speeches speaking out against the mandate.

Crowds also chanted, “Fuck Joe Biden and de Blasio!” putting a new spin on an increasingly popular war cry.

Activists also chanted “Traitors!” presumably at the people occupying the DOE building before mobilizing to march toward the Australian consulate.

Protesters carried signs reading, “Naturally immune,” “Freedom over fear,” and “No Medical Mandate, Health Freedom Now!”