Spikes in Covid deaths observed in dozens of countries immediately following introduction of Covid vaccines

Source: Kelen McBreen

A savvy UK quantitative data analyst named Joel Smalley recently uploaded a video highlighting data from John Hopkins University showing insane spikes in Covid-19 deaths after countries introduced Covid vaccines.https://www.youtube.com/embed/WR-pqrMWu3E?feature=oembed

Titled “COVID Deaths Before and After Vaccination Programs,” charts shown in the compilation highlight a startling post-vaccine spike in Covid deaths in dozens of nations.

Posting the video to Twitter, Smalley wrote, “COVID vaccines are between 50% and 80% effective in reducing severe illness and death. They have to be at least 50% to retain emergency use authorisation. Such dramatic efficacy should be apparent in the empirical, ‘real-world’ data. There should be very few country exceptions.”

Highlighting data from precisely 40 countries, the charts in the video are each marked with a vaccine emoji noting the date Covid vaccinations were introduced in each nation.

As LifeSite News reported, “While correlation does not prove causation, looking more broadly at relevant data, a worldwide trend of high rates of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths can be found among the vaccinated.”

For example, July statistics from the UK showed around 40% of Covid deaths were among vaccinated individuals.

Last week, Public Health England revealed that vaccinated people made up 63% of deaths attributed to the Delta variant in the UK.

In the state of Vermont during the month of September, 75% of citizens who died from Covid-19 were fully vaccinated.

In August, an Israeli doctor named Kobi Haviv who runs a hospital in Jerusalem told Channel 13 that “85-90% of hospitalizations” at his medical center are in “fully vaccinated” patients.