Source: by The Jeff Dornik Show

Despite the government being restricted by the Constitution from censoring Americans, they are working a loophole by threatening Big Tech’s leadership unless they ban particular conservatives, according to Erik Finman.

Erik Finman is the man behind the Freedom Phone, which is the Conservative alternative to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. He makes the case that Conservatives have to create our own ecosystem, yet most have been mostly focusing on software, such as social media and communication platforms. He’s taking a different approach and starting with the hardware to become uncancelable.

We’ve relied far too long on the Left’s technology, both software and hardware. We’ve seen some great platforms like Gab and Gettr rising up attempting to provide platform solutions to Big Tech, but Erik Finman is the first to really take on the Leftists’ monopoly on our hardware… starting with the Freedom Phone.

In order to understand what we are going up against, we have to understand just how corrupt the current system is. Silicon Valley’s worldview is one of extreme progressive ideology. The interesting twist to that is that there’s a large Libertarian Republican community within Big Tech, and Erik explains that many of them don’t like the censorship.

It’s even gotten to the point to where many at Facebook aren’t too keen on censoring conservatives, but our own government has pushed them to do so. During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Erik shared that a friend of his who is an executive at Facebook told him that intelligence agencies would email Facebook demanding that they ban particular conservatives, and if they didn’t those agencies would “come after you.”

According to this account, our own government is threatening private companies in order to restrict free speech, which is a violation of the Constitution. They are attempting to use a loophole, using mafia-like threatening tactics in order to technically not restrict free speech directly, all while compelling private businesses to do their dirty work for them.

This type of compromise is why we need to create our own conservative ecosystem. My good friend Bobby Lopez and I have been talking about this, even going so far as to hold our first Cancel-Proof Christianity Summit a few weeks ago in Texas. What Erik Finman is doing with Freedom Phone is exactly the kind of thing Conservatives everywhere need to do.

We must begin to see where we can take the power away from the Left. This means that we redirect our financial resources to America First conservative companies. Companies like Freedom Phone.

Once we are no longer beholden to them anymore, they cannot cancel or censor us. They can’t force us to lose our jobs or bank accounts. If we can become completely self-sufficient, they have no more power over us to silence us. We are free to shout our viewpoints from the rooftops and there’d be nothing they can do about it.

I highly encourage you to support Erik Finman’s Freedom Phone. He’s taking that important first step of taking the power away from Silicon Valley, protecting our free speech, as well as our data and privacy. Go to and use code MAGA for $50 off.

If we want to become cancel-proof, we’re going to have to stop relying on Big Tech and sending them all our money. That’s exactly the point of Freedom Phone.