Source: DAVID NG

National Geographic’s Fauci documentary, which is currently streaming on Disney+, completely ignores the recent bombshell report that calls into question Dr. Anthony Fauci’s sworn Congressional testimony about the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Now the filmmakers themselves are choosing to remain silent about the controversy surround the origins of COVID-19.

Documents uncovered by The Intercept contradict Fauci’s sworn testimony claiming the National Institutes of Health didn’t fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab.

Breitbart News contacted several spokespeople representing the Fauci documentaryto ask if the filmmakers had any comment on The Intercept’s findings and if they intend to follow up with Fauci about the veracity of his sworn Congressional testimony.

At the time of publication, this inquiry has not received a response.

Fauci examines the career of Dr. Anthony Fauci through the double lens of the coronavirus and AIDS crises, comparing how he handled both pandemics and the accompanying political blowback.

The documentary portrays Fauci as a virtual saint with nary a flaw to speak of. The filmmakers gather the likes of former President George W. Bush, current Biden administration official Susan Rice, and U2’s Bono to sing Fauci’s praises.

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