SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – Mrs. Jessica HeLal is a mother and wife living through life as the rest of us do. That means she’s navigating her way through 2021 dystopia the best she can. Unfortunately her experience checks nearly every box as to the success of this mass psy-op and perpetual propaganda campaigns.

Mrs. Jessica HeLal told The COVID Blog that she received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on April 23. She suffered no immediate or apparent adverse effects. Mrs. HeLal said she’d already have COVID-19, and may have been suffering from “long COVID.” Despite likely having natural immunity, Mrs. HeLal hesitantly received the second injection on May 14. Her entire existence flipped upside down from there.

Mrs. HeLal’s October 5 Facebook update and the comments contain a little bit of everything that is wrong with 2021.

Learning the truth in real-time

First, there is the obligatory “I am pro-vaccine” disclaimer that nearly every victim we cover on this blog states before telling their stories. Second, Mrs. HeLal is quickly learning the reality that doctor neither want to help, nor know what to do even if they did want to help with post-injection injuries.

Lastly, she literally called her post-injection injuries “dirty little secret[s].” Mrs. HeLal waited five months to say anything publicly, for fear of “shaming” from both vaxx zealots and “anti-vaxxers.” Small fiber neuropathy is her diagnosis. A 2011 manuscript published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Pain and Headache Reports offers a grim prognosis for this condition, particularly since Mrs. HeLal’s disorder resulted from the Pfizer injections – completely uncharted waters:

Unfortunately, little data about the treatment of pain specifically in small fiber neuropathy exist because most studies combine mixed neuropathic pain syndromes in the analysis. Additional studies targeting the treatment of pain in small fiber neuropathy are needed to guide decision making.

The biggest difference between Mrs. HeLal and many others covered on this blog is that she was never a virtue signaler and is not encouraging people to receive the injections after her injury.

She also reported having some other medical issues this past January. Mrs. HeLal wants to be 100% transparent about everything that is happening to her so to not be discredited. She told The COVID Blog:

Full disclosure, I had medical issues from January of this year, however, was feeling much better and the second shot brought on all the symptoms that I describe in my post. I have medical records showing it was post v only. The symptoms I had prior could very well have been long Covid since we are now seeing people with autonomic dysfunction type issues post Covid.

The most disturbing part of all this is that Mrs. HeLal is just now learning that the “rare” and “extremely rare” propaganda from mainstream media related to “vaccine” adverse effects is false.

She’s yet another seemingly, from all appearances, intelligent individual who was completely hypnotized by well-coordinated propaganda from big tech, mainstream media and government. Several people in the comments to her October 5 post also reported post-injection adverse effects.

Mrs. HeLal is also now repeatedly confirming for her vaxx zealot friends and family that the Pfizer injections were in fact the cause of her condition.

She is accepting the fact that her life is unlikely to ever be like it was before the injections. She is telling everyone that receiving the injections is a personal choice and that the shots should not be mandated.

We’ll update this story in due course.