“The county’s vote should be decertified”

Dominion Machines Have Created A National Security Issue Across The Country

Source: Nworeport

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During Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium in August, election officials were presented from Mesa County, CO who told of election fraud being perpetrated by the CO Secretary of State’s (Jena Griswold) office and Dominion Voting Systems representatives.

Mesa’s Tina Peters told the symposium how she imaged the machines before and after Dominion/CO SoS’s ‘trusted build’ was completed. This means experts would be able to examine these before and after images to detect criminal behavior in attempting to alter voting records.

The ‘trusted build’ was in essence a way for corrupt officials to destroy evidence of voter fraud. Peters told of officials coming into her facility and locking themselves in a room with voting machines for hours, preventing anyone from entering or documenting their actions.

Below is the executive summary of the report. The PDF file of the entire report can be downloaded as well on the tab below.

Use of computerized Election Management Systems is now nearly universal across counties in the United States. While the use of these systems decreases the manpower costs as well as the time taken to produce election results, it also reduces the transparency of the election process. It has been argued that the right to free and fair elections is the most important right we have as Americans, as it can be used to defend against abuses of all other rights. When votes cast by humans are counted by machines, it is a fundamental necessity that the operations and processes of those machines are transparent, auditable, and 100% accurate, reads the report.

The net effect is that over 5% of the county’s total reported vote is suspicious and cannot be validated.Mesa-County-Database-and-System-AnalysisDownload