Failed presidential candidate claims ‘democracy at stake’

Source: Sputnik

Former first lady, ex-secretary of state, and the ever spiteful Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton is not planning to abandon the political arena. On the contrary, she has vowed to continue to be “involved” in what she described as the “game of politics.”

There have been persistent rumours about the former secretary of state planning a political comeback. It seems, however, that these rumours were only partially true.

Just don’t get your hopes (or disappointment) too high – she is not planning to run for any office just yet, but she is not planning to stay in the shadows either, as the former presidential hopeful explained in an interview with ABC News. Clinton did not clarify what exactly her involvement in the political world will look like, but she explained what moved her to stay in the “game” – US “democracy is at stake.”

“There’s many reasons for that. Some of them we saw on the screen with the insurrection, some of them because of the revelations about Facebook that creates a world of disinformation instead of, you know, one that we can agree on what the facts are.”

The former secretary of state added that she is “worried about what’s happening at home and around the world” and stressed that she therefore can’t stand aside. Instead, she vowed to try to “help in some way.”

Clinton largely stayed out of politics since she lost the 2016 US presidential race, the second in her career, to Donald Trump. However, she did not shy away from making spiteful comments about her former rival during her public appearances. Namely, she questioned Trump’s ability to lead the country and made allegations that he and his team were guilty of misconduct and had ties to Moscow – a myth that has been repeatedly dispelled by several investigations.

While her fans repeatedly alleged that she might make a move and enter the presidential race in 2020, Clinton apparently decided not to check if three was her lucky number.