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An update to Intel’s COVID-19 policy released on October 6 reveals that while the company ‘strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccines approved by the national health authorities,’ it ‘does not require COVID-19 vaccination for its workforce.’

SANTA CLARA, California (LifeSiteNews) — Bucking the Big Tech trend, electronics firm Intel — a Fortune 500 top performer and technology industry leader — will not force its employees to receive an abortion-tainted COVID jab to keep their jobs, internal documentation shows.

A month after President Joe Biden announced that 100 million Americans would be subject to a federal vaccine mandate or weekly testing, an update to Intel’s COVID-19 policy released on October 6 reveals that while the company “strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccines approved by the national health authorities,” it “does not require COVID-19 vaccination for its workforce.”

Additionally, a section on “COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs” shows that the company will not allow “vaccinated” employees to refuse to work alongside their un-jabbed colleagues based on the fact that they have not received a COVID shot. Visitors to Intel workplaces will also not be asked to prove their vaccination status before being granted access to the premises.

The updated rules even forbid managers at the company from quizzing employees on their vaccination status against COVID-19, citing “privacy reasons” which stipulate that staff cannot “collect or share employee medical data, including information regarding vaccination status.”

“Employees do not need to share whether they have been vaccinated,” the guidelines affirm.

The technology firm does insist, however, that where local restrictions are in place for individuals who haven’t taken the jab, “workers must comply with these government requirements.” California, where Intel is headquartered, already has extensive mandates by which public employees, such as healthcare staff and school teachers, are required to show proof of vaccination against the novel coronavirus.

Alongside exempting their staff from COVID jab requirements to continue working at the company, Intel will also accept immunity to the virus obtained from prior infection as a means of circumventing quarantine requirements.

Employees who have come into close contact with someone who has contracted the virus “must quarantine and remain away from the worksite for 14 days from last exposure.” However, early return to work is granted to those who have either received a COVID shot or can produce a “positive antibody ‘IgG’ test,” along with a negative COVID test (either antigen-based or PCR) taken at least 5 days after the last date of contact.

Similar measures apply to employees who have traveled internationally, be it for business or personal reasons. Any employee who has received a full regimen of COVID jabs, or can prove they have recovered from the virus, is permitted to surpass the fortnight-long quarantine requirement, as long as they express no symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Unvaccinated workers who cannot prove that they recovered from COVID infection must still abide the 14-day quarantine ruling after international travel. Masks are to be required inside Intel-owned buildings for all employees, regardless of vaccination status. There is a phased relaxation of the mask rule built in to the guidelines, the last stage of which requires staff to don the coverings only when mobile and in close quarters with others.

Meanwhile, the Walt Disney Company has mandated that all of its staff take the experimental COVID shot before October 22 or face dismissal. The organization released a statement at the end of July, informing workers that they would be required to take the shot in order to keep their jobs. CEO Bob Chapek said that “what we’d like to do is convince them [employees] that it’s in everyone’s best interest in order to get vaccinated for the greater good.”