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More than 60 concerned parents, students and residents came out last night at the Loudoun School Board meeting to voice their anger at the disgusting story alleging a school cover-up of alleged sexual assaults by a transgender boy.

As we previously reported, a boy wearing a skirt allegedly committed a sexual assault against a ninth grade girl in May in a bathroom at the school. The charges are horrifying including anal and forcible sodomy. Then the school superintendent at a June 22 board meeting denied that such a “predator transgender student” existed and said they had no record of any such assaults despite the fact the sexual assault had been reported to the police. “We don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms,” he said.

This enraged the father who was at that meeting and who had also reportedly been given a no trespassing order to keep him from telling what happened. Then, an activist claimed his daughter wasn’t telling the truth and a scuffle broke out during which time the father was thrown to the floor and arrested. The father said he tried to pull his arm back after an officer grabbed it and you can see that’s true on the video.

He’s now being prosecuted. And the NSBA cited an “arrest in Virginia” referencing that meeting and falsely claiming the arrest was about CRT when they appealed to the FBI to do something about parents who they suggested could be “domestic terrorists.”

While the school went after the father, they moved the skirt-wearing boy to another school. Reports allege that he there committed another sexual act against another girl on October 6.

On Tuesday night, the parents demanded the resignation of the superintendent, Scott Ziegler for the cover-up. The parents were also upset about “8040” the policy that allowed the “gender fluid” boy to use the bathroom he chose.

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