Source:  Mike Miller

In this episode of “The Only Thing That Stops a Bad Guy With a Gun Is a Good Guy With a Gun”…

Reality: Every time a “mass shooting” occurs, liberals and their lapdogs in the “mainstream” media pull hamstrings rushing to microphones and TV cameras to make histrionic calls for additional gun-control laws.

Other reality: Every time a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun, the above-mentioned go full-metal crickets. They are nowhere to be found. Until the “terrible” news vanishes from the news cycle.

Case in point:

A legally armed bystander helped thwart a shooing in a Pennsylvania mall, earlier this week. As reported by The Blaze, an unnamed 16-year-old male started shooting after engaging in a fight with another person.

The teen, according to WGAL-TV, pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots. At that point, the report noted, multiple people became involved in a struggle for the gun. The legally armed bystander intervened and was able to hit the teen suspect, sending him to the ground, noted The Blaze.

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