Paxton and Missouri AG taking Biden admin to court over incomplete border wall.

Source: Nworeport

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton visited the border in El Paso Thursday, where he warned Joe Biden he’s being taken to court for failing to complete the much-needed border wall.

Paxton concluded his visit by delivering an increasingly popular battlecry.

“And I would say it’s the direct results of policies that they knew would do exactly what they’re doing,” Paxton said of Democrats’ open border policies.

Departing the podium, Paxton added, “And so, I just want to finish my comments —and then I’ll let Eric say what he’s going to say — and just say to the President of the United States, ‘Let’s go, Brandon, we’ll see you in court.’”

On Thursday, Paxton and Missouri AG Eric Schmitt sued the Biden Administration for leaving President Trump’s border wall incomplete, despite the government having already allocated money for it.

“The Biden Administration’s flat refusal to use funds that have already been set aside by Congress to build the border wall is not only illegal and unconstitutional. It’s also wrong, and it leaves states like Texas and Missouri footing the bill,” said Attorney General Paxton said. “I will not sit idly by while this Administration wreaks more havoc on our state. This is my seventh border security and immigration related lawsuit against President Biden and his lawless executive agencies. I won’t rest until Texas is safe from the disaster he created and the disaster he continues to investigate.”   

Earlier this month, a Fox News drone camera hovered over millions of dollars worth of steel border fencing sitting unused in South Texas.

“What does it look like to not build the border wall?” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin asked. “Our drone is overhead in Pharr, TX at one location where steel for the border wall has been baking in the sun & going to waste since January. Tens of millions of dollars worth of steel here already paid for.”

In a similar vein, Congressman Bill Posey (R-Fla.) ended a speech on the House floor Thursday concerning the border crisis by delivering the same “Let’s go Brandon” message.

Here’s Paxton’s full press conference: