Source:  Patricia McCarthy

There is much about the Biden administration that brings to mind both the excesses of and the surreal agenda to turn America into a Marxist/communist nation.  Earlier this week, David Ennocenti wrote here about how Fauci is reminiscent of the main character in an episode of The Twilight Zone On Thursday We Leave For Home.  

There is another episode that is apt:  To Serve Man from 1962.  It was based on a short story by Damon Knight, 1950.  That is the episode in which aliens arrive on earth and claim they are peaceful and only want to help humanity, solve their pressing problems and advance their technology.  Facing Initial suspicions, the alien leader Kanamit gradually wins over the population because they do put an end to hunger, energy shortages, and the arms race.  

Soon people begin traveling to the Kanamit’s home planet, which they describe as a paradise.  All the while a cryptographer is trying to translate their text, To Serve Man.  She eventually decodes the book and learns it is a cookbook!  The humans rushing to board their spaceships are being harvested as food!  

Here is a quote from the episode: 

“The fantastic ease with which human beings make adjustments.  One day they watch with bated breath while a single individual orbits the earth in a rinky-dink little cubicle and they think this is the most historic moment that’s ever happened in the history of mankind.  And then one year later, they stand in line waiting to take off in a space ship to go a hundred billions miles off into space and they act and react as if this were a weekend picnic in the country. Oh, the strange and complex sanity of man.  Nothing fazes him.”

The Biden administration could be portrayed by a sci-fi screenwriter as operating on the Katamit plan.  Subdue our population with a pandemic created by a bioweapon, lock them in their homes, inject them with a wholly experimental vaccine with secret ingredients that put their immune systems to sleep.   Close their businesses, open the border to nearly two million migrants, and do not vaccinate them; they will be a complaint replacement population in case the vaccines slowly cause early death to the vaxxed.  Ban all the known therapeutics that might have saved hundreds of thousands of people, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine, as they are inexpensive and off-patent.  Allow the vaccine manufacturers to become fabulously wealthy to the point that they effectively control the nation’s government.  They skipped the clinical trials that by law precede approval of most vaccines. 

Like China’s CCP, big pharma doles out money by the many millions to influencers that can bring our legislators to heel.  Like the humans of To Serve Man, they fall in line without batting an eye.  They are unfazed by the horror going on around them.  Drunk on power, mayors, governors, congressmen, and the president enjoy their power over the people and of course believe that they will escape any negative consequences of the plan because they are special.  They are elites, entitled to rule over the unwashed masses. 

If covid was a real pandemic, the Biden administration would not be mandating that any and all health care workers, even doctors, first responders, firefighters, and members of the military submit to the jab or lose their jobs when they are most needed.  As Josiah Lippincott of the Federalist writes, this is an ethical abomination.  If the health of citizens were the issue, none of this would be happening.  Our self-appointed tyrants like Fauci would not be mandating vaccines even for those who have recovered and have 27x the antibodies.  This makes no sense; no sense at all.  

Fauci is lying when he says the vaccines are necessary even for the recovered.  So why force recovered people to be vaxxed but excuse all illegal migrants from the mandate?  The Democrats voted down a bill that would have required border crossers to be vaccinated.  What is in these vaccines that makes the ruling elite so aggressively determined to get them into every human not of their class?  

It’s almost as if the Biden administration is like the Kanamits.  There is a plan they are implementing and it has nothing to do with the health of the American people.   Quite the opposite;  there have been hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries caused by the vaccines, more than all previous vaccines throughout history combined.  The CDC and OSHA no longer report them because they would of course strengthen the resolve of the vaccine resistant.   

Deaths overall are up, especially in the under-50 age group, both here and in Europe, most of them cardio or clot-related causes.  A woman in France has developed prion disease after her second Pfizer jab.  And now they want to vaccinate every child, ages five and up!  Why?  Kids are not at risk.   They rarely get covid and if they do, they recover easily.  They do not transmit covid and yet they must wear masks and submit to the jab to go to school. 

Big pharma’s lust for profit is likely the reason for their enthusiasm for vaxxing children.  Why aren’t pediatricians all over the world screaming STOP?  Some are of course, but their concern is suppressed.  The damage done to kids this past year and a half is incalculable.   Education via Zoom is no education at all.  Masked faces are an enormous hindrance to social interaction.

Unlike the Twilight Zone’s Katamits, Biden’s participation in the Great Reset looks real. He ceased the building of the border wall on day one of his presidency.  He stopped the Keystone pipeline and ended oil drilling on all federal lands.  He purposefully upended the energy independence Trump had achieved.  Gasoline in California is now around $5 a gallon.  Who does this hurt?  The working poor among us.  And with each passing day, it becomes clearer that Biden will not do anything to protect American interests, in Afghanistan for example,  if it might anger China.  He is without a doubt the worst president in US history.  He has, from day one, capitulated to all of America’s enemies,  angered our allies, and put the US, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan in grave danger.  The ever-so-complicit Fauci who had a hand in developing covid in Wuhan is as pro-China as Biden.   

In the meantime, breakthrough infections are killing people as surely as if they were sustenance for the ruling class.   Lives are most likely being cut short, vaccinated teens are being diagnosed with myocarditis.   Moderna has delayed vaxxing teens because of myocarditis.  The entire population of vaccinated people is vulnerable to blood clotting (VITT). 

Despite the volumes of information available about the dangers of the vaccines, such information is avoided or suppressed by the mainstream media.  One has to go searching for it.  So as the jabs keep injuring and killing, they have proven not to protect from Covid and yet the administration and its handmaidens in the media pretend this isn’t so and keep demanding every single person be vaxxed.  Those that submit do not realize they are just pawns in a very nasty global reset plan to… what?  Depopulation?  Shorten lifespans?  Cause infertility?  Massively increasing the wealth of the already wealthy?  All of the above?  

Whatever the plan, those who comply are indeed serving the man.  The final line of the Twilight zone episode is this: “How about you?  You still on earth, or on the ship, with me?  Well, it doesn’t make very much difference because sooner or later we’ll all of us be on the menu.”    Like those protesting these mandates all over the world, let’s not be on Biden’s menu. 

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