Covid tyranny is spiraling out of control

Source: Kelen McBreen

JD Knight of New Castle, Indiana was held at the Henry County Community Corrections Center for three days all because he didn’t wear a mask while serving community service.

JD called into Infowars‘ “Sunday Night Live” transmission to share his story.

The segment begins at 49:50:

Knight is an ex-cop who was left disabled after suffering a stroke, and now spends his time coaching children’s football and engaging in political activism.

In an exclusive interview with Infowars Knight explained the drama started when a local football-related argument at a Wal-Mart resulted in him being trespassed from the store.

JD was sentenced to community service by a judge over the incident.

While in court, the judge asked Knight to wear a mask and told him to “shut up” when he argued he has a medical exemption and threatened to hold him in contempt if he didn’t wear one.

On the first day of Knight’s community service, he showed up without a mask because he was set to work outside.

However, it was a cold and rainy day and when he stepped inside a community center to try and warm up, a man told him he needed a mask.

Knight told the individual he had a medical mask exemption, but ended up honoring the man’s request and walking out of the building.

While standing outside, the man who asked JD to wear a mask called the police.

A sheriff arrived at the location where Knight was serving community service and arrested him on the spot.

JD spent the next three days in jail and said the conditions were extremely poor with inmates crammed into rooms and forced to urinate on the floors.

After three days, Knight saw a judge and tried to argue once again that he has a valid medical exemption, but the judge said this was “nonsense.”

No local news outlets wanted to cover his story and no lawyers will take up his case despite reaching out to several news stations and law firms.