Puppet president continues to embarrass himself and America every time he opens his mouth as his cognitive decline accelerates.

Source:  Jamie White

It keeps getting worse.

Joe Biden stumbled and bumbled more than usual on Monday while trying to deliver a speech from New Jersey Transit’s maintenance facility in Kearny about his $3.5 trillion Build Back Better spending package.

Throughout his particularly halting and meandering remarks about his infrastructure bill, Biden went on numerous nonsensical tangents and had trouble modulating his voice.

For example, Biden claimed a “computer” made an anecdote about infrastructure construction.

He also claimed that “global warming” inflicted “one trillion dollars” worth of damage before correcting himself and saying it was actually “one hundred billion.”

At one point, Biden incoherently explained something about how a “sledgehammer” fixes bridges “in the year 2021.”

Biden also fluxed between whispering and yelling at the scant audience again.

Biden then said something about kids at McDonald’s “getting off their on line” to do their homework.

He concluded his cringe-worthy speech by coughing into his hand before shaking other people’s hands.

This comes just days after Biden participated in an extremely awkward and carefully managed CNN town hall, where he couldn’t help but gaffe his way through the staged event.

Because of his daily gaffes and bumbles, most Americans think Biden is not “mentally or physically capable” of handling the rigors of the presidency.