After groping them between his legs

Source:  Steve Watson

Joe Biden, who has not held a real press conference for over 100 days, spoke to school children in New Jersey Monday and advised them on how they can avoid answering difficult questions just like he does on a daily basis.

Setting a blatantly awful example, Biden told kids at East End Elementary School in Plainfield “When you’re president, see all these people here? They’re with you all the time, they get to ask you all kinds of questions and you try to figure out how you’re gonna avoid answering them.”


Biden walked aimlessly around the classroom, creepily touching the children. At one point he caused a kid’s lego tower to collapse, which didn’t go unnoticed by critics, given that Biden’s presence was to promote his massive infrastructure spending bill.

“That was my fault,” Biden admitted after the Lego structure toppled over, adding “I made you look up.”

Of course they looked up Joe, you were basically groping the kids between your legs: