Police who disagree with being forcibly medicated are “pathetic” and “sad” “hypocrites” according to HBO host

Source:  Steve Watson

“Comedian” John Oliver once again used his HBO platform to shill for government vaccine mandates by verbally attacking police who are refusing to go along with forced medication, calling them “hypocrites” and saying that it’s good that the refuseniks are quitting their jobs.

As thousands of police are standing against the mandates and walking off the job, Oliver declared Sunday that “It is true that all over the country, a small number of police officers have received disproportionate coverage after threatening to resign over COVID mandates.”

“They framed this as a matter of individual liberty, even in cases where very little was being asked of them,” Oliver further proclaimed.

The British host then stated “There is also the key matter of fact that the police are supposed to keep the public safe. That is the point of their jobs,” reasoning further that those who refuse to get vaccinated “don’t seem to give much of a shit about that.”

He then cheaply invoked race in an asinine point, saying that “The constant refrain we hear from cops every time they kill an unarmed black person is ‘They should have complied with commands,’ because as long as you comply, things will supposedly go well. But that only seems to work one way.”

“When officers are asked to follow simple rules or face consequences, a not insignificant amount of them flip their shit,” Oliver barked, continuing “You know what, if an officer wants to quit over this, fucking let them.”

“Let the individuals who clearly don’t care about public safety stop being in charge of public safety. It’s really that simple,” Oliver continued, also describing cops filming themselves doing ‘walkie drops’ as “pathetic” and “sad”.

Oliver then personally attacked Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara after he urged officers not to comply with the mandates.

“Next time someone says to you, ‘Not all cops are bad,’ you can respond to them, ‘No… just their favorite ones,’” Oliver declared.


Oliver’s videos are becoming increasingly odd as he rants in favour of mass mandates and censorship with a backing track of weird canned laughter and applause, to give the impression that there is a real ignorant audience finding what he is saying funny and entertaining.