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Did they really think they would get away with it?

Did they really think no one was watching?

Did they really think no traps had been set?

The Racine County Sheriff was watching, and investigating….for over a year we just learned!

Today the Racine County Sheriff held a press conference to announce that not only did they conduct a year-long, covert investigation, but they found MASSIVE voter fraud.



They made the announcement on their Facebook Page (I wonder how long that will be allowed to stay up?):

The story is just breaking wide open right now and it looks HUGE!

And I should note that this once again validated Mike Lindell.

Just yesterday, we reported that Mike Lindell had uncovered and was alleging that 23,000 votes in Wisconsin all came from ONE address.

The Mike Lindell haters scoffed…said he was off his rocker.

And now?

He looks like he may have been more right than he even knew….and he has the Racine County Sheriff backing him up!


And here on Rumble:

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Our friends over at The Gateway Pundit have already reported the following:

The Wisconsin Election Commission claims that a majority of indefinitely confined voters “have a photo ID on file or have otherwise previously presented photo ID to vote in a recent election. A review of election records found that approximately four fifths of the voters meet these criteria.” (However, it is unknown how many individuals were sampled and which locations this estimate came from. Although this estimate might be overstated based on the work they performed to obtain this estimate, that’s still 52,000 ballots in the 2020 election in Wisconsin with no photo ID provided.)

Today during the press conference the Racine Sheriff’s Office brought forth evidence that the Wisconsin Election’s Commission BROKE THE LAW.

The Wisconsin Election’s Commission took advantage of senior citizens in nursing homes who had their votes stolen.
This was illegal behavior against Wisconsin State Law.

The Wisconsin Election Commission sent out instructions to nursing homes in all 72 counties on how to break state law with their residents!