Source: Steve Rose

Today is day #279 of Democrats deliberately flooding America with non-Americans to intentionally eradicate American culture.

That sentence is worth unpacking a little.

Some might respond: “Why are you so against immigration? It isn’t ‘deliberate.’ Why would they do this on purpose? Even if it is on purpose, what can we do about it?”

First, we should correct some of the lies and deliberate mischaracterizations Democrats use to confuse things.

They accuse us of being “anti-immigration.” Immigration can be a wonderful thing. We all agree on that. The issue is legal versus illegal immigration. Period. Full stop. Democrats deliberately confuse the two in attempts to cover their toxic schemes with moral authority.

The legal/illegal distinction matters. It’s the difference between a mouth and a stab wound. Both are openings, or points of entry and exit, where things come in or go out of a system. One is orderly and leads to health. The other is disorderly and leads to the death of the organism. Right now, the open border is a national stab wound. Democrats are deliberately keeping the wound open.

“But it isn’t deliberate!”

If it isn’t deliberate, what’s the explanation? It is accidental? Are Biden, Harris, and the entire federal government of the United States trying really, really hard to stop it—as hard as they can—but it’s just too, too difficult?

If so, they’re incompetent. That’s one interpretation.

Another interpretation—which fits the facts of the situation much better—is that they’re doing it on purpose.

After all, they seem quite capable of defending turf when they want to. When they actually care about protecting something—like themselves, for example—they’re suddenly highly competent, fully capable of finding money and resources, and able to things done.

They built a wall. That’s one example. They built it around the Capital Building, remember? It was up and fully functional within days. They also seem extremely good at keeping people out of certain areas when it’s time to oversee vote-counting during an election, or when it’s time to protect their personal homes or gated neighborhoods. But when it’s our homes or neighborhoods, suddenly they’re flummoxed.

But why would they be doing it on purpose?

Answer: to gain power.

They pretend that they’re doing it for noble reasons. They care about other people, you see? They have only saintly motives.

But notice: they only flood America with individuals who are likely to vote Democrat.

They turn away Cuban refugees, for example. Why? Cubans know a little something about Communist hellholes, which makes them more likely to vote Republican.

Democrats also push for citizenship—including the right to vote—at every possible opportunity. This isn’t a coincidence. Those strategies are connected. Flood the country with likely Democrat voters plus give them the ability to vote, and that equals Democrat power.

Why else are they doing this?

They’re deliberately trying to destroy American culture.

American culture is unique. Freedom, individual rights, “In God We Trust,” free speech, the Second Amendment, freedom of religion, the shining city on the hill, self-reliance, rugged individualism—all of it. It’s unique. Democrats are working to deliberately eradicate this unique culture so they can “fundamentally transform” America into just another Marxist hellhole just like every other Marxist hellhole on the planet.

It’s the same strategy China used in Tibet. Deliberately flood a culture with individuals who don’t share, believe in, or want that culture. Once they water down and eradicate a unique culture—such as Tibet—it becomes much easier to “fundamentally transform” it into yet another Marxist hellhole.

In Tibet, they partly succeeded. They’re trying to do the same to America, right now.

America was built to avoid tyranny. That created a unique culture. Democrats want to instill tyranny, imagining it as will make their utopian fantasies come true. Utopia never actually arrives, of course, but the tyranny certainly does.

So, what can we do about it?

Three suggestions.

First: Vote Democrats the hell out of office at every possible opportunity, at every possible level, from national to local, from president to dogcatcher. Nearly every single one of them supports all of this, either out of weakness, stupidity, incompetence, or malice. They either know what they’re doing or they don’t. Neither is acceptable.

Second: Explain this strategy to friends, neighbors, and anyone within earshot. Too many Americans think tyranny arrives disguised as tyranny and are still fully blind to what’s happening. We need to open their eyes. They imagine they’re just being nice and helping people in need. They don’t see how they’re naïve rubes who are being manipulated and used as fools, saps, and suckers.

Third: We can contact our local representatives—especially lukewarm, invertebrate, or pseudo-Republicans who seem to be sleep-walking through all this. This is all happening on their watch. They think it’s business as usual. It isn’t. We need to smoke them out. If they say they’re against it but do nothing—then it’s time to vote them the hell out of office and replace them as soon as humanly possible.

But what can they do, especially if they aren’t in Texas or Arizona?

Here’s one extremely easy suggestion: Tweet. (Or even better: use Gettr, Gab, or Parler.)

For example:

This is day XXX of Democrats deliberately flooding America with non-Americans. Why are they doing this? To deliberately eradicate American culture to gain power.” #itsdeliberate

They should Tweet (Gettr/Gab/etc.) that same message every single day until something changes.

Tweeting is often useless performance art. But in this case, it could actually work. It keeps the pressure on. It exposes a game Democrats are trying to keep hidden. Otherwise, everyone gets distracted, people stop paying attention, and it keeps happening. This problem is urgent. The effects of this cannot be undone. If they can’t be bothered to even tweet, then they’ve demonstrated spinelessness, and it’s time to vote them the hell out of office as soon as humanly possible.

If we play this right, it can become an opportunity to make our side stronger. Democrats have stopped hiding. The mask is off. They’re nearly operating openly as the anti-American communists they really are. Now, we need to shine a spotlight on it so more people notice.

This makes persuasion much easier. It’s an opportunity to smoke out invertebrate Republicans and replace them with real Americans. We can expose the tactics the Democrats/Communists are using to try to destroy America from within and rebuild our immune system against them.

We can also make the case that some immigrants are fleeing the kind of corrupt Marxist hellholes into which Democrats/Communists are trying to transform America. But some of them might actually want freedom, opportunity, law and order, and a place where they can live their best possible lives.

This means they want to become Americans.

This means they should vote against communism and socialism. Or, to be redundant: they should vote against Democrats.

This is an age of information and psychological warfare. The game has changed.

It’s time for more Americans to wake up to this new game and get out on the field.