The School board president uttered expletive after mom stated, ‘We are vocal because we are our children’s biggest advocates.’

Source: Nworeport

A hot mic caught a California school board president appearing to direct obscene language toward a mother who was arguing against mask and vaccine mandates.

The incident happened Tuesday during a Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Education meeting.

In video of the meeting, school board president Marlys Davidson attempts to stop mother Lauren Roupoli from speaking past her allotted time, but is drowned out by clapping from enthusiastic parents.

The mom ended her speech by declaring, “We are vocal because we are our children’s biggest advocates.”

The school board president’s expletive can be heard at 1:46:13 in the following video:

At this point, applause erupted from the audience as board president Davidson called for order, banged her gavel and asked for the next speaker.

After the clapping died down, Davidson can be heard uttering, “Fuck you,” either directing her remark at Roupoli, or the clapping parents.

The school board president reportedly issued an apology after her profane remark went viral, saying, “I reaffirm my commitment to serve our community with dignity and integrity, and I hope they will accept my sincere apology.”

Roupoli, meanwhile, demanded Davidson step down, saying, “After her true colors showed last night, there’s no taking that back.”

Elsewhere throughout her speech, Roupoli discussed how children could be impacted by vaccine injuries in the near future, and bashed masks for suffocating children.

“I am here as a concerned parent to urge you to be the first school to say no mandates for our children,” Roupoli told board members.

“One of the FDA voting members stated…’We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.’ That is sick and inhumane.”

“Today’s hospitals are swamped with patients having blood clots heart conditions and suicide injuries,” Roupoli stated.

“Leave our children alone. Let them be kids and enjoy one another. Let them breathe again and smile again.”

The indecent gesture comes as Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland was grilled on Capitol Hill this week for issuing a memo to the FBI concerning angry parents at school board meetings, who were previously compared to “domestic terrorists” in a letter by the National School Boards Association.