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A Republican congressman from Alabama denounces the Biden administration’s rhetoric of the supply chain crisis, mentioning the shortage of school lunches in his area.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., sent a letter to President Biden and Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack notifying them that students are “going without food during the day” due to the supply chain problems facing the U.S.

Rogers torched the president and his administration in a Tuesday report to Fox News for having “shamefully tried to spin the supply chain crisis as a ‘high-class problem'” as children in his district face growing starvation during the school day.

“While President Biden and his administration have shamefully tried to spin the supply chain crisis as a ‘high-class problem,’ there are children in my district who now face uncertainty when it comes to the school meals that they rely on because the Biden

administration has turned a blind eye to the scale of the supply chain crisis,” Rogers told Fox News. “This is unacceptable.”

“These kids need immediate action from this administration, not bureaucratic hurdles and media spin,” the Alabama Republican added. Rogers wrote in his letter that he represents a “poor, rural

congressional district” and that students in his district often feel like “school is the one place they feel safe and well-fed.”

He noted that one of the schools in his district, Alexander City Schools, “has 65% of students enrolled in free and reduced-price meals,” pointing out that, due to the supply chain issues, the “same school system has had to take to social media and private industry to ask for help” getting their students breakfasts after “delayed or missing shipments.”

“Jen Psaki, a member of your administration, said on camera that the supply chain

crisis was nothing more than delayed treadmills and Ron [Klain], your chief of staff, agreed with a tweet calling the supply chain crisis a ‘high-class problem,'” Rogers wrote. “I’m here to tell you this is dead wrong.”

“The stories echoed in Alabama’s Third District are echoed across the country, and that is unacceptable,” Rogers wrote.

“Instead of focusing on radical policies and increased regulation, I urge your administration to prioritize fixing the supply chain crisis facing our nation,” he concluded the letter. “… If this administration refuses to focus on the supply chain catastrophe, at the very least, please offer flexibility to USDA’s onerous restrictions. These kids need immediate action, not bureaucratic hurdles from your administration.”

After retweeting a Harvard scholar’s Twitter post, Klain was criticized online, calling the country’s inflation issues “high-class problems.”

Psaki drew ire for her similar statement, as well, when she cracked a joke about treadmills being delayed when asked about the supply chain crisis.