Source: Breitbart

Communist China’s contribution to the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, was an emissions “pledge” that proposed increasing China’s pollution output over the next few years. 

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping still claims his country will somehow reverse these trends in a very short period of time and become “carbon neutral” before 2060.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Friday described China’s climate pledge as “modest” and “disappointing” to COP26 climate activists, who are pushing for “net zero” worldwide by 2030. 

China, the world’s largest polluter, pumps out more greenhouse gas than all of the other industrialized nations combined. China is currently undergoing a severe energy crisis and last week ordered an “all-out” increase in coal production to fuel its power plants.

The SCMP reported China is trying to placate climate activists by building showpiece wind and solar energy projects – which is nonsensical as anything but theatrics, as solar panels and windmills do not magically absorb the emissions from coal-fired power plants – and stepping up reforestation projects, which do process carbon, but all of the trees in Asia would be very hard-pressed to devour all the gas China will produce as it burns record-breaking volumes of coal.

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