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Johnny Enlow was back on Elijah List yesterday and it was one of his most powerful appearances.

He announced that the Song Of Moses was about to be sung.

I didn’t know that reference for sure, but I knew it after he started explaining.

It’s so good.

You need to listen to Johnny tell it in his own words but basically, it’s Moses recounting the victory over Pharaoh and how it was not only a victory for the Israelites and loss for Egypt but it was specifically a defeat for the “Officers of Egypt”.

He makes clear that the same thing is about to happen here in America.

Drowned on the Seafloor.

Think that’s too harsh?

Sorry, it’s right out of the Bible.

But then my favorite part…..

He says after we have the victory, stories will emerge especially from our military talking about all the operations that had in play, and they will talk about certain moments in time where they will say, quote: “if not for God, we never would have won that battle”.

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In other words, there will be story after story of supernatural turning points in this war and it will be clear it was the hand of God bringing the victory time after time.

Not only that but then at the end of this interview he reads a word God gave him.

He doesn’t get many like this but he said it was rare and powerful and he just started writing.

He read it live on the air in the interview.

You just need to hear it in his own words.

Enjoy this one: