Source:  Kyle Becker

Sheriff Mike Chapman told the beleaguered Loudoun County school board to shove its extreme security request, rhetorically speaking.  The sheriff’s retort to the radical school board came to light in emails that were made public on Thursday.

The Loudoun school board has become notorious nationwide for its Woke politics and its strong-arming of parents on such hot button issues as Critical Race Theory. The school board even had a parent arrested in June for arguing against the CRT curriculum.

In August, the radical educators sought to frame parents as potential ‘domestic terrorists‘ by sending the county sheriff Mike Chapman a laundry list of extereme security measures it purported were necessary to protect them from angry parents.

“Sheriff Chapman,” the Superintendant of Schools, Scott A. Ziegler, wrote. “I want to reiterate the LCPS request for law enforcement support at the August 10 and 11 School Board Meeting as outlined below by Director of Safety and Security John Clark. While Major McDonald indicates that substantial resources will be prepared to respond, we cannot assure the safety of all participants without a coordinated plan involving onsite assets.”

Then he listed the following security resources that were purportedly needed to defend the school board from concerned parents:

  • 3 LCSO deputies inside the Admin Building
  • 1 LCSO/LCFR K-9 explosive sweep
  • LCSO five-person Quick Response Force (QRF) onsite at the Admin Building
  • Undercover LCSO deputies in Public Assembly Area at Admin Building
  • LCSO CDU Team stood up and on standby at nearby location
  • LCSO Special Operations Team on standby at nearby location
  • Joint command post
  • Onsite commander for unified decision making
  • Joint briefing on security plan

Ziegler tried to put the sheriff at his beck-and-call, but it backfired spectacularly. The sheriff’s response to the school board can be read in the letter below:

“Sheriff Chapman offered this summary of the LCSO plan for August 10 and 11,” the document states, per Kevin L. Lewis, the Chief Operations Officer of the Department of Support Services:

  • No uniformed officers inside the building
  • No administrative building campus law enforcement presence
  • LCSO officers will be “in the area” for quick response if something happens and they are called to

“During the conversation, Sheriff Chapman made a number of points as justification and/or rationale for their decision to not provide the requested support for the meeting. I have provided bulleted paraphrased statements which occurred randomly throughout the conversation”:Advertisements

  • School board unilaterally decided to limit public comment
  • School Board unilaterally decided to hire security firm with metal detector
  • School Board unilaterally devised a security plan for Aug 10 SB
  • School Board made all of these decisions without consultation with LCSO
  • 6 of 9 SB members brought this to bear by creating anti racist groups on social media
  • LCSO has been made to appear as the muscle for school board and work at the school board’s
  • After June 22 – LCSO and Sheriff Chapman received national criticism for being “bad guy” at the meeting being blamed for what took place. He stated that some of t he comments included death threats. He continued t o say that he (Chapman) received all of the criticism and that the Superintendent and School Board took none of the push back from the community or national arena.
  • I believe those people should have been allowed to speak (reference to the June 22, 2021 School Board meeting)
  • Optics are that LCSO deprived citizens of their right to speak in public
  • We did an investigation on the Facebook and the anti-racist School Board member social media group
  • School board is f iring people up and calling LCSO to clean it up
  • The plan for Aug 10/11 puts LCSO in same position and I won’t be put in t hat position again
  • School board is being dismissive of people they don’t agree with
  • Very concerned about Beth Barts bringing people in from out of state

The sheriff then summarily rejected the Loudoun County school board’s “extraordinary” security request. The infamous school board meeting on June 22 that Sheriff Chapman refers to is one where a parent was arrested and removed from a meeting, per the request of the school board.

The school board was unwilling to take the heat over the potential curriculum inclusion of CRT.

When former Virginia state senator Dick Black spoke out, the school board threatened to end public comment. When the board ended public comment, the crowd burst into a patriotic display to shame the radical board members.

The school board then declared an “unlawful assembly” and two of the parents were arrested by police.

“The tensions in [Loudon County were] on full display at last night’s board meeting, echo a larger battle playing out across the US over how public schools are addressing the topic of racism with students,” Borter noted.

Tensions between parents and the Loudoun County school board are now reaching a boiling point due to an explosive report that a sexual assault was covered up due to the administrative staff’s concern over the bad optics for transgender politics.

“Parents demanded resignations from Virginia’s Loudoun County School Board and Superintendent Scott Ziegler at a school board meeting Tuesday, citing an email that surfaced last week,” Fox News reported on Wednesday.

“In the email, Ziegler alerted the board to a report of an alleged sexual assault in a girls’ restroom on May 28, about a month before he publicly declared that he had no record of restroom assaults,” the report noted.Advertisements

“The parents claimed that Ziegler and the school board covered up — while the board was considering a controversial transgender rule — the report that a male student in a skirt allegedly assaulted a female student in a girls’ bathroom,” the report added. “Prosecutors confirmed that the same young man who stands accused in that May incident also stands accused of sexual assault in an October incident in another school.”

Everything Woke turns to shit. Loudoun County parents have figured that out and now the local school board is going to have to deal with the consequences. No one trusts the school board anymore – beginning with the local sheriff.