‘Failure-to-yield incidents’ up nearly 500%

Source: Dan Lyman

Dan Lyman Friday, October 29, 2021

The number of ‘failure-to-yield’ incidents in San Diego County is exploding as smugglers and illegal aliens in cars attempt to evade Border Patrol agents.

Border Patrol San Diego Sector (SDC) has seen a 475% increase in such violations since October 1 over the same period in Fiscal Year 2020. Take part in the ultimate win-win deals on the web by checking out our store now!

During the first three weeks of October, SDC agents reported 23 “failure-to-yield incidents involving suspected human smuggling,” some of which led to “serious injuries and hospitalizations.”

“The latest incident occurred Monday, October 19, at approximately 7 a.m.,” CBP explained in a press release. “According to initial reports, agents responded to a report of suspected human smuggling near Chula Vista, Calif.” 

“With the assistance of air support, agents located the suspected vehicle involved and initiated a vehicle stop by activating overhead lights and sirens. The driver failed to yield and drove his vehicle into a nearby neighborhood. All passengers including the driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot.” 

Agents were able to track down several passengers from the vehicle and determined they were all illegal aliens, while the driver managed to escape.

USBP says many failure-to-yield encounters turn into pursuits involving “excessive speeds, reckless driving, vehicle crashes, and property damage accounting for numerous injuries and hospitalizations.”

Infowars has reported on multiple human smuggling evasions in recent weeks, including one in which a popular TikTok user died during a high-speed chase in Texas while allegedly transporting illegal aliens in his vehicle.

“This reckless behavior poses a serious risk to our neighborhoods, the motoring public, and our agents,” said Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke. 

“We will not tolerate these tactics and will continue to seek criminal prosecution for anyone involved in them.”