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The mainstream media pushed the false “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” narrative for months.

I’ve coined the more appropriate “Pandemic of Medical Malpractice” term.

That’s a better fit for this medical disaster.

This real pandemic impacts vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

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Take this recent story from Michigan as a prime example.

A fully vaccinated 74-year old woman named Marilyn Pfeifer passed away from COVID-19 complications.

Due to her age, Pfeifer should be listed in a high-risk group and tested for COVID-19 the moment she experienced any symptoms.

However, the medical staff who examined Pfeifer didn’t feel the need to test her for COVID-19.


Because she was fully vaccinated.

That’s strange they wouldn’t test her since the CDC admits the COVID-19 jabs don’t prevent transmission of the virus.

Instead, Pfeifer received a sinus infection diagnosis.

Tragically, her symptoms only got worse and later tests revealed she contracted COVID-19.

Watch Pfeifer’s story told by her daughter:

From FOX 2 Detroit:

“They screened her but she was vaccinated and so they didn’t feel the need,” said Teresa Lisowski. “When I asked her she said they didn’t need to test me because I am vaccinated.”

Lisowski says her mother Marilyn Pfeifer did everything right. The 74-year-old was fully vaccinated and on Aug. 4th when she started to experience sinus congestion, ear pain, and a headache, she headed to Lakes Urgent Care in Livonia.

Covid was a concern, but records obtained by her daughter, show she was diagnosed with a sinus infection – and never tested for Covid.

“They screened her, but she was vaccinated and so they didn’t feel the need,” she said. “When I asked her, she said ‘They didn’t test me because I am vaccinated.’”

But Marilyn’s symptoms only got worse. A little over a week later, an ambulance rushed Marilyn to St. Mary’s Hospital in Livonia where tests revealed despite being double vaccinated, she had COVID-19.

In a matter of days, Marilyn’s lungs collapsed and she was placed on a ventilator. Teresa decided to confront the clinic.

“I pulled up my picture and I said, ‘This is my mom on a ventilator across the street,’” Lisowski said. “(I said) ‘She was here two weeks ago. You guys diagnosed her with a sinus infection and you did not Covid test her because she is vaccinated – and now she is fighting for her life on a ventilator.’”

Marilyn Pfeifer didn’t receive the proper COVID-19 diagnosis or treatment due to her vaccination status.

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Vaccinated or unvaccinated, the correct early treatment is crucial to combat the virus.

Hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical facilities continue withholding effective treatments like HCQ & Ivermectin from the public.

And it has resulted in countless tragedies similar to Marilyn Pfeifer.

Pandemic of Medical Malpractice.