Terror threat coincidentally comes just days before the highly-anticipated gubernatorial election. The intelligence community had warned ISIS attacks were imminent as a result of Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, which saw tens of thousands of unvetted refugees flown into the U.S.

Source: Jamie White

Authorities in northern Virginia warned about a possible ISIS terrorist plot in the area and have increased police presence at various public centers for the Halloween weekend.

Multiple law enforcement sources have reportedly received credible intelligence of a coming ISIS terrorist attack in the coming days and are increasing security at shopping malls, public gatherings and transport hubs.

“The Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) is aware of information circulating regarding a non-specific, unconfirmed threat to shopping centers,” the department said in a statement Saturday.

“There is no specific or identified threat to our region. As always, the public is encouraged to remain attentive as you go about your normal routine, particularly in areas where large crowds of people typically gather such as shopping centers, restaurant districts, religious services, and public transportation hubs to name a few.”

The FBI did not elaborate further but said it’s investigating the information.

“We have no comment. However, we would remind you the FBI takes all potential threats to public safety seriously and we take all appropriate steps to determine the credibility of any information we receive,” an FBI spokesperson said.

Members of the intelligence community reportedly said that some members of ISIS in Northern Virginia had been released from Bagram prison in Afghanistan and snuck onto rescue planes bound for the U.S. at the Kabul Airport during Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from the country.

Some also pointed out the curious timing of the terror threat in Virginia, which comes just days before the state’s gubernatorial election, where Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe is behind in the polls.

“Odd how they’re stoking panic about alleged ISIS bomb threats in Virginia just in time for said threats to depress the election day turnout,” National File editor Tom Pappert noted.

This comes as the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence chief John Cohen said this week that they’re seeing a “dramatic increase” in ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s online activity.

“Right now we’re seeing a dramatic increase — or an increase — in online activity by media operations associated with different al Qaeda elements and Islamic State,” Cohen said. 

Likewise, a Pentagon official warned senators on Tuesday that an ISIS attack on U.S. soil was likely to take place “somewhere between 6 or 12 months.”

This is just more fallout from the Biden administration’s incompetent Afghanistan withdrawal, which resulted in 13 U.S. service members killed and 30,000 unvetted Afghani refugees flown back into America for resettlement, some of which are believed to be ISIS and Al-Qaeda members.