Source:  Nick Arama 

“Let’s go, Brandon” is, in some ways, the perfect meme and that’s why it’s gone so viral.

It melds the anger at Joe Biden with a statement on the phoniness of the media that would spin for Biden. That’s why the saying has become such a staple at protests against him and against the vaccine mandates which he promotes. It originated after an NBC reporter covering a NASCAR win of driver Brandon Brown, claimed on air that the obvious “F**k Joe Biden” chant was fans chanting “Let’s go, Brandon.”

It’s now become a more acceptable public way of saying the same thing as the more ribald expression — a way of saying that in a nice package with a bow on it — and having some fun with it, too.

We’ve seen it all over the place from concerts to football games, and particularly at protests against Joe Biden or against anti-vaccine mandates. We saw it at the massive protest where thousands of police, firefighters, and EMS came out against Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York City, against his vaccine mandate for city employees. We saw it even on a Southwest flight with a pilot signing off to the passengers with “Let’s go, Brandon,” with reports other pilots were doing it, too, and the left was melting down over it.

There was even a man, James Kilcer, who was honored by the police for stopping an armed robbery and he wore a shirt with the “Let’s go, Brandon” on it as well as a “Make America Great Again” hat. The media then tweeted out the picture.

Here’s Kilcer’s courageous reaction to the robbers:

It’s gone on to become music, with four different versions of “Let’s go, Brandon” taking the number one, two, four, and six slots on the Apple Music charts.

Now it’s also become a dance. The “Let’s Go Brandon” slide now has more than 214,000 views on it and Forgiato Blow also has another related song that went viral.

The folks who were protesting in New York against the Jet Blue mandate employed one of the songs and some very nice moves in their effort. They also played it from a boom box or as was written on it: a “Trumpboxx.”

But perhaps the most notable political use of the saying and music came from Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-C0), who employed it before she went to vote in the House.

Boebert also had a list that encapsulates some of the reasons for the saying.

We’ll have to see where it goes next but it’s definitely taking over.