Source: Nworeport

Vice President Kamala Harris assembled a virtual meeting Thursday to explain the perks of President Joe Biden’s newly announced budget reconciliation structure to a group of mayors from across the nation.

Harris has led similar events in the past and stood by Biden’s side as he announced the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act’s details on Thursday morning before leaving Washington, D.C., for Rome, Italy.

According to the White House, Mayors Jenny Durkan of Seattle, Robert Garcia of Long Beach, Sylvester Turner of Houston, Bryan Barnett of Rochester Hills, and Tishuara Jones of St. Louis engaged in the virtual event, and the vice president started by thanking the group for serving as the administration’s boots “on the ground.”

“You are the face of the government, often for the families, for the children, for the people of our country, and you make things work,” she stated. “You pull it together, and during the course of this year, you’ve had many challenges, and through your commitment, your leadership, your courage, and your ingenuity, you still have been able to make things work, even when things were not as supportive of you as they needed to be because we just had so many challenges.”



Harris called the president’s social safety net program “an opportunity to finish what we started I believe, or at least to take it to the next step.”

“Build Back Better is essentially about doing a better job in combating the climate crisis. It’s about creating better jobs. It’s about doing the work of helping our families. It’s about doing better in terms of access to healthcare for the American people. That’s the agenda,” she added. “I’m so proud that mayors from around the country, regardless of party affiliation, have seen and have really been leaders in understanding that this really is not about partisanship in terms of what we need to do to fix our roads and bridges, what we need to do to bring child care affordable and accessible childcare to working families, the work that we need to do to

address the climate crisis.”

“I do believe that there is a unique urgency to this moment. You all know because you’re on the ground that we cannot afford to be incremental. America and the world have gone through a profound crisis, including a profound amount of loss, the loss of life, loss of income, loss of jobs, loss of normalcy, and in the midst of this crisis, the fractures, the failures, the fissures of our system have become quite apparent,” Harris said in closing. “We have the opportunity to really uplift and strengthen our economy, and the American family and I look forward to continuing in our partnership.”