Source: Nworeport

Since the beginning of Covid, we were told that frontline workers needed all the support they could get, including the donations of N-95 maks. People in 3M factories worked hard to continue the production of these masks in order to support frontline workers. Some employees even moved across the country to make sure a production facility stayed running. They were the last people you might expect the left to abandon, but then again, the left has no conscience. 3M employees are only the latest group targeted under Biden’s vaccine program.

However, 3M employees have banded together, and many will not comply with the vaccine mandate. In the video below, countless employees give their testimony, with a resounding theme of “we will not comply!”

“Many 3M employees against this mandate were considered “essential workers” during the last year and a half” the video begins. “While their communities and families stayed home, they worked around the clock to keep hospitals stocked to treat those critically ill and citizens wearing N-95s.”

“They were hailed as heroes but now are expendable if they choose to not allow 3M to make private health choices for their bodies.”