Not only is the U.S. military forcing servicemembers to get jabbed, they’re also silencing doctors who note adverse reactions.

Source:  JD Rucker

Physician and Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long spoke today during a roundtable discussion organized by Senator Ron Johnson. She reported some very disturbing details of her experiences with patients who had recently been “vaccinated” for Covid-19.

“With respect to aviation safety, risk communication is critical,” she said. “I saw five patients in clinic, two of which presented with chest pain days to weeks after vaccination and were subsequently diagnosed with pericarditis and worked up to rule out myocarditis.”

The military’s push for universal vaccinations, which comes down from the Biden-Harris regime via the Pentagon, has been a contentious issue because the facts do not support the decision. The recovery rate for young and healthy people, which account for the vast majority of members of the military, is so astronomical it boggles the mind to think that this disease is being focused on so tenaciously.

For the elderly and immunocompromised, Covid-19 offers a greater risk, but our military is not comprised of very many who can be classified as vulnerable. Combine this with the fact that natural immunity has been proven to be far superior to the so-called “protections” offered by the vaccines and it’s easy to conclude the Covid injections are completely unnecessary for servicemembers.

Then, there are the adverse reactions, including death, that have been reported so far. The sheer number of reports is exponentially higher than reports for the last two decades of all other vaccines combined. These details make Lt. Col. Long’s story even more infuriating.

“The third pilot had been vaccinated and felt like he was drunk, chronically fatigued within 24 hours after vaccination,” she continued. “The pilot told me he didn’t know what to do so he drank a lot of coffee to ‘wake himself up’ and continue to fly until he realized it wasn’t going away.”

In the past, a handful of reports of adverse reactions were enough to make healthcare and government officials hit the brakes on further injections. But instead of expressing concern and pushing the Lt. Col. Long’s story up the chain of command, she was suppressed. According to her report:

“After I reported to my command my concerns that in one morning I had to ground three out of three pilots due to vaccine injuries, the next day my patients were canceled, my charts were pulled for review, and I was told that I would not be seeing acute patients anymore, just healthy pilots there for their flight physical.”

Here’s the video:

She then turned her attention to Anthony Fauci and the medical establishment driving the Biden-Harris regime’s policies on Covid-19. According to CD Media:

U.S. Army Flight Surgeon LTC Theresa Long today slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci and America’s medical agency establishment, saying ‘They are unfit to fly this airplane…’

LTC Long, a senior flight surgeon at the U.S. Army Flight School at Fort Rucker, submitted a signed affidavit earlier in the year warning the Covid vaccine mandate could make the entire Army pilot corp medically grounded. Of course, that is China’s and Biden’s intention all along, to destroy our military fighting capability. A civil airline pilot recently died in-flight after taking the vaccine.

This is only one of dozens of bombshells coming out of Senator Johnson’s roundtable. As of the time of this article it is still going on:

Suppression of information regarding the many hazards associated with the Covid-19 vaccines has been so rampant, even a sitting Senator cannot get mainstream media to cover it. This is why it’s so important that we spread the word. A good chunk of the money donated to this site goes to promotion of these stories so we can reach as much of the American public as possible.

We are fighting to reveal two major truths on this front: The injections are dangerous and they’re ineffective. We are often told to “follow the science.” Regarding both risk and effectiveness, the science is crystal clear. But the minions of Big Pharma — namely government, mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, and the healthcare industry — are doing everything they can to keep the truth buried.