Secret Service dismissed MSNBC’s meltdown when reached for comment.

Source:  Jamie White

The pundits at MSNBC are reaching levels of hysteria previously not thought possible.

The far-left fake news outlet launched into a meltdown over gun dealers marketing their AR-15 firearms with the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan that’s become a new way of saying “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Palmetto State Armory is marketing a “LETSGO-15 Stripped Lower Receiver” that describes three modes of the fire selector on the weapon: “’F@CK!’” (Safe), “’JOE!’” (Fire), “’BIDEN!’” (Full-Auto).”

The lower receiver also features a laser-engraved logo of a victorious Biden with the NASCAR flag.

An exasperated MSNBC reporter called Ken Dilanian said Monday that he reached out to the Secret Service because Biden’s image next to the firing mode selector means it’s a “threat to the president.”

Dilanian then tried whitewashing the origins of the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

“The phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ has become a right-wing code for ‘expletive Joe Biden,’” he said.

“It originated during a NASCAR race last month in Alabama when a driver named Brandon Brown was being interviewed by an NBC sports reporter,” he explained. “A nearby crowd was chanting something that was difficult to make out and the reporter suggested they were chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to cheer the winning driver, but it became increasingly clear that they were chanting something else.”

That’s a lie.

It was immediately clear to the network and anybody else watching that the crowd was chanting “Fuck Joe Biden,” so the reporter tried and failed at damage control by gaslighting the viewers that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.

The rest is history.

The Secret Service declined to comment, likely because MSNBC’s question was too ridiculous to merit a response.

“Love how PSA is in touch with the current Let’s Go Brandon situation,” says one of the comments below the product description. “More than half of America and other parts of the world are chanting. The current administration is destroying our country.”

Mainstream media and Big Tech have been working overtime to stifle and silence the spread of the increasingly popular “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that’s become a rallying cry of dissatisfaction with Biden’s administration and the media.

For example, YouTube and TikTok recently removed rapper Bryson Gray’s #1 hit song on iTunes “Let’s Go Brandon,” calling it “medical misinformation.”

A CNN reporter also compared the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant to a declaration of support for ISIS.

This is just another instance of MSNBC humiliating themselves and journalism as a profession.