‘My plan is just to burn it all down.’

Source: Nworeport

Top-selling Christian rapper Bryson Gray didn’t hold back during an interview with Infowars, telling Sunday Night Live his goal is to lay waste to the entire Satanic music industry.https://api.banned.video/embed/617f5fb8464d3428836cac89

Bryson Gray pledges to defeat the demonic music industry as he tops iTunes Charts

Discussing his recent success on the iTunes and Billboard charts, where he’s been able to best pop icon Adele and soft British rockers Coldplay with his rap hit “Let’s Go Brandon,” Gray agrees he’s happy simply beating out artists whose labels spend millions to promote their work.

“My goal is to literally burn down the entire demonic music industry,” Gray says.

“You have people pumping millions of dollars into marketing to these artists and promoting to everybody… to where you have to listen to it or your children have to listen to it.”

Gray’s “shadow smash” hit is derived from a NASCAR interview where an NBC reporter speaking to racer Brandon Brown misinterpreted the crowd’s “Fuck Joe Biden” chants, and instead claimed fans were yelling, “Let’s go Brandon!”

Gray explains his music is different than that of industry rappers like Cardi B, who claimed she doesn’t allow her children to hear her music because it’s chock-full of obscenities.

“But they want your kids to listen to it, your kids to buy it,” Gray says.

“My plan is just to burn it all down,” the successful rapper declares, pointing out he’ll appear in the top 50 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart despite having zero radio spins.

On Monday, Gray’s hit debuted at #28 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Gray says he’s also aware of the cultural impact his hit is having on society, and the recognition it’s receiving in political circles, including with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) who recently jammed the song in an ad, saying “#1 for a reason.”