Source: Nworeport

President Donald Trump remains a colossal fundraising force despite losing the 2020 election, campaign finance records tell.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Trump’s Save America Political Action Committee had more than $90 million in cash as of June 30. By using texts, emails, and other measures like what he did in both the 2016 and 2020 races, Trump has constantly raised more than $1 million per week.

The Trump campaign team sent out an email Thursday offering “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirts in return for any campaign donation of $45 or more.

The email reads in part: “You’ve probably heard it being chanted anywhere patriotic Americans get together. Well, now, President Trump has put America’s favorite new phrase on a custom shirt. That’s right. President Trump has just authorized the release of his brand-new, limited-edition ‘LET’S GO BRANDON’ shirts.”

In a comment to the Post, Taylor Budowich, a spokesman for the former president, said that Trump’s organization lives to “identify and

support” candidates who are “committed to saving America by putting America First.”

“The power of President Trump’s effort cannot be disputed,” Budowich said in the statement. “Save America will continue to serve as the primary political vehicle of President Donald J. Trump and deliver an unprecedented level of success across the country on his behalf of the MAGA movement.”

To compare, the Republican National Committee has around $70 million cash-on-hand as of Sept. 30. According to FEC reports, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reported having

more than $62 million as of the same date.

According to the Post story, Trump is banned from using the money directly from his several PACs for a possible 2024 run for the Oval Office. Still, the funds could go to other Republican candidates in the 2022 election cycle that share his agenda.

While not formally stating a 2024 bid, which would make Trump only the second president in history, next to Herbert Hoover, to run after losing a race for re-election, he has played with the idea during his signature rallies since leaving office.

“We’re not supposed to be talking about it yet, from the standpoint of campaign finance laws, which frankly are ridiculous,” Trump said Sept. 11 in a separate Post story, when asked if he would again be a candidate for president. “But I think you are going to be happy. Let me put it that way.”

As Trump’s apparent war chest grows, Democrat President Joe Biden is watching his approval rating drop during the first nine months of his Administration as he tries to deal with a living COVID-19 hazard, a supply chain crisis, and inflation, as well as thousands of illegal migrants crossing the border in record numbers each month.