Source: Carole Hornsby Haynes

Have you ever wondered how American schools went from bastions of academic learning to centers where pornography is daily fare and boys wearing nail polish and skirts can legally roam through girls’ restrooms and showers, raping and groping as they go?

Origins of Radical Sex Education

The origins of radical sex education date back nearly a century to a Marxist program implemented in Hungarian public schools in their quest to destroy Christianity in Western Europe.  The curriculum included sex lectures and graphic instructional materials about free love and sexual intercourse.  Students were encouraged to ridicule and reject Christian moral ethics, monogamy, and parental and church authority.  Hate was turned toward parents, clergy, and all dissenters.

The program was a huge success.  Continued exposure to atheism, radical sex education, and rebellion against authority turned Hungarian students into bullies, thieves, murderers, sex predators, and sociopaths who disrespected authority.

In his 1958 book, The Naked Communist, Cleon Skousen identified 45 communist goals.  Because education is always a key vehicle for totalitarians to instill left-wing ideology early, the goals included getting control of schools; dumbing down the curriculum; discrediting the founding fathers; and presenting homosexuality as “normal, natural, and healthy.”

In 2011, the National Sexuality Education Standards were adopted by more than 40 percent of school districts.  In 2020, these were replaced by the far more radical National Sex Education Standards developed by a coalition of left-wing non-profits.  Once parents learn how radical these standards are, there will be another public tsunami, just as with Critical Race Theory. 

The standards require students in K–2 to learn about transgenderism, including “gender” and “gender identity.”

Third-graders are taught about “the role of hormone blockers” for transgender minors, an often irreversible procedure many consider tantamount to child abuse.  By the end of the fifth grade, students are to be familiar with “romantic and sexual feelings” and masturbation.

From sixth grade through eighth grade, students learn how to ” define oral, anal and vaginal sex” and how to don a condom.  This age group must define the benefits of using dental dams for oral sexual behavior and the method of withdrawal as a form of contraception.  Sixth-graders also learn about abortion, not as the murder of a tiny human, but as an option when faced with pregnancy.  Seventh-graders are taught that oral and anal sexual behavior are abstinence and view graphically how to don a condom.

The standards specifically defy parental authority.

In addition to radical sex, these standards devote entire sections to Critical Race Theory under “Social, Racial, and Reproductive Justice and Equity”; “Intersectionality”; and “Language Inclusivity.” 

Impact on American Society

A few weeks ago, people were reeling as they listened to an irate mom lambast an arrogant school board over her five-year-old daughter being taught about anal “sex” and masturbation.  The board tried to silence her by claiming that her language was not appropriate. 

In Loudoun County in Virginia, Scott Smith was dragged out of a school board meeting and arrested because he claimed that his daughter had been sodomized in the girls’ restroom by a male wearing a skirt.  He was angry because the school had tried to conceal it, despite there being medical tests as proof.  Nearly two months after Smith’s arrest, the school board voted to approve its transgender rights policy, which requires that teachers use students’ preferred pronouns.

From six states in 2019, today, only four have laws that forbid instruction of LGBT propaganda in public schools: Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Alabama repealed its law, and South Carolina’s was overturned.

Despite Texas law, schools actively promote transgenderism.  The library at the elementary Blackshear Fine Arts Academy in Austin hosted a drag queen convicted of prostitution charges.  A few weeks later, the Austin ISD School Board of Trustees adopted a radical sex curriculum.  Despite heavy parent opposition, the Austin school district continues to promote a radical sex curriculum.

A Cash Cow

The primary purpose of public education is no longer academic learning, but social and emotional learning (SEL) that allows the government to conduct psychological profiling of students.  

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), transgender people and other gender minorities constitute roughly 0.3–0.5% (25 million) of the global population of nearly eight billion.  Yet the education bureaucracy would have us believe that a high percentage of students are transgenders.

Research shows that transgender individuals are almost four times as likely as people with a proper understanding of their sex to experience a mental health condition.  By setting up an environment where LGBT is promoted, public education is contributing to the mental health problems of our youths.

CASEL and other SEL providers, along with companies such as Panorama Education and Rhithm  that work in tandem with them for data-mining and assessments, are making billions from the “mental health crisis.”

CASEL is also profiting handsomely from its Critical Race Theory programs packaged under SEL.

The medical profession profits from “sex change” surgeries, while Big Pharma profits from puberty-blockers and numerous psychiatric medications.

Politicians also benefit from the mental health “crisis.”  In the 2019 legislative session, Texas governor Greg Abbott declared that having mental health services on school campuses would make Texas schools safe from gun violence.  Then he announced that this would be his “emergency item.” 

Abbott ignored the fact that a “disturbing number of perpetrators of school shootings and similar mass violence were either on — or just recently coming off of — psychiatric medications.”

Why were Texas political leaders so eager to set up mental health services on school campuses and partner Texas schools with private psychiatric hospitals for student inpatient care and medication?  It’s a known fact that pharmaceutical companies spend far more than any other industry to influence politicians.

This obsession with student mental health has a long history.  Since the early 1990s, the psychiatry profession has pushed for “mental health screenings” to find new patients.  Children are diagnosed with “mental disorders” and then treated with Big Pharma’s drugs.

The 1990s was an era of major psychiatric hospital fraud, so rampant that entire chains of hospitals were shut down.  In 1992, Texas state senator Mike Moncrief testified before the U.S. Congress about the agreements between psychiatric hospitals and Texas schools to provide counseling services with students then being referred for inpatient treatment.  Patients were “cured miraculously” once their insurance benefits ran out.

In 2019, an Arlington, Texas-based psychiatric hospital chain was under criminal indictment for a variety of abuses, including illegally admitting and holding patients against their will. 


Already American public schools are churning out students who exhibit the same characteristics found in  Hungarian youths after the implementation of a radical sex curriculum — violent, murderers, sociopaths, sex predators, and God-haters.  The communist goal of creating student hatred for America, our founding fathers, and American capitalism has been achieved.

For those still naïve enough to think public education can be reformed, this is a wake-up call.  The system will not ever be reformed!  It’s doing exactly what it was intended to do!

The solution?  Get ’em out.  There are excellent free-market education choices that provide a sound academic foundation and instill a love for our American founding principles.