Source: Pam Key

NBC anchor Chuck Todd said Sunday during the opening commentary on “Meet the Press” that Democrats are in “grave danger of losing the House majority in the 2022 midterm election.

Todd said, “What happened to Democrats on Tuesday goes far beyond the defeat of Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, or Governor Phil Murphy’s narrow escape in New Jersey. If you look at it from coast-to-coast, it was a warning to the Democrats that their Congressional majorities are in grave danger. Terry McAuliffe fell a net 12.5 points off Mr. Biden’s 2020 victory in that state. Even in victory, Governor Phil Murphy’s net loss in New Jersey compared to what Biden got in 2020 was roughly 13 points. Kind of familiar. So what happened?”

He continued, “Was the standoff between progressives and moderates partly to blame? Probably. Did President Biden misread his mandate? Many Democrats think he did. Was the public’s sense that the country was on the wrong track a factor? Clearly, that said, on Friday, Mr. Biden followed up the Democratic drubbing with one of the best days he’s had in office yet. A strong October employment report with over a half-million jobs added in a month, best showing since July, and the House passage, finally, of the long-delayed trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill, which, of course, is one of the pillars of the president’s agenda. Still, as Democrats pick through the rubble of Tuesday’s election, Republicans are partying like it’s 2009.”

Todd added, “Democrats are sounding alarm bells, worried a toxic national environment could cost them control of Congress in midterm elections next year.”