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Do I need any further proof that these jabs are a work of the devil?

In the most illicit act of bribery, an Austrian brothel is offering sex with prostitutes in exchange for your vaccination.

Fun Palast in Vienna gives patrons the hedonistic option of choosing the “lady of their choice” after visiting the on-site COVID-19 jab clinic.

The sinful incentive was devised after the Austrian government-mandated proof of COVID-19 inoculation to enter most indoor venues.

Known in Austria as the “2G Rule,” the measure caused a decline in the brothel’s number of clientele.

Daily Mail describes the details:

The brothel said the project, which started on November 1, is part of a drive to increase revenue after a fall in the number of clients because of low vaccination rates.

Only around 65 percent of Austrians are fully vaccinated and those who have not had the jab are barred from restaurants, hotels, hairdressing salons, and large public events.

The rules, which were announced on Friday night, are a response to a rapidly rising infection rate which yesterday stood at 635 new cases per 100,000 residents over the past seven days – over three times the level in neighboring Germany.

The brothel’s bribery project started on November 1st.

Austria reported 4,523 daily COVID-19 cases on November 1st.

Has wallowing in sin helped lower the daily case rate for Austria?