What’s the deal with the Ashley Biden diary?

Source: Jon Bowne | Infowars.com

Resident Joe Biden is a foul stench of a human being.

Not only has the puppet in chief of the free world reportedly defecated on himself on numerous occasions, but his raucous flatulence has also become an epic global embarrassment.

Led by the Hillary Clinton-spawned Russia hoax that burned taxpayer dollars during rare years of economic growth, the treasonous dossier is attempting to pull Trump down to Biden’s freakishly degenerate level.

No one batted an eye when eight women alleged that Biden either touched them inappropriately or violated their personal space in ways that made them uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Tara Reade’s recount of Biden’s sexual assault would have blindsided any political legacy.

But we now live in an era of total mind control where Biden can get away with anything, even the allegations of molesting his own daughter.

A year ago, a diary of Ashley Biden surfaced and was confirmed as authentic by the New York Times and the FBI.

In it, Ashley describes drug abuse and affairs as well as “inappropriate” showers with her father Joe.

She also asks herself the question “Have I been abused?” and replies with “I think so.”

The FBI and the US Department of Justice for the Southern District of New York City will now cover it all up, exponentially ensuring the decline of the United States as intended by the overlords of the ongoing silent war being waged.