Source: J.R. Dunn

The two major political elements in play over the past year are closely intertwined. Those are the new left-wing blatancy, in which the American Left scarcely attempts to hide its actual agenda anymore, and the vast number of enemies the left is lining up against itself throughout American society.

In hindsight, this makes perfect sense. How could the Left hope to maintain the support of the mass of Americans once its actual goals and methods became evident? In the past, leftists made a serious effort to shield their true agenda from scrutiny using a wide range of methods – wrapping itself in a veil of “compassion,” claiming that all opposition arose from throwback “right-wingers,” and using the most ignorant and ill-informed members of the public (teenagers and suburban matrons) to spearhead its public-influence campaigns. Overall control of the media rendered this strategy workable.

But as of 2021, that appears to have gone by the board. Instead of hiding their goals or even sugar-coating them, the left is shouting them through bullhorns: you’re not going to get Christmas. Get the jab or starve. We’re turning your kids over to the tender mercies of sexual deviants. Get ready for the Jihadi terrorists coming to your neighborhood.

It’s as if the Bolsheviks spent all of 1917 racing from village to village telling the peasants, “When we take over, you’re all being sent to Siberia. Yippee!”

Why is this happening? It can be attributed to arrogance, stupidity, historical blindness, or any other factor you’d care to name. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is happening, and is, by its very nature, one of those things that can’t be unhappened once it does. From here on in, the American Left will be, in all its manifestations, the party of CRT, of COVID tyranny, of transexual rape, of economic chaos, of censorship and oppression.

This represents a massive change in the political battlespace, one that promises serious repercussions well beyond the standard electoral cycles. Among the results we’ve witnessed so far are the vast army of enemies created by the Left’s rhetoric and activities.

It’s almost as if the American Left, having unveiled its actual plans, couldn’t wait to get to the second stage, the one in which their iron boots would begin stomping on human faces.

In the USSR, they had the kulaks. Now, “kulak” means “fist,” and that’s how the word was used in the old imperial Russia. A kulak was a hard guy, an SOB – a landlord or foreman who brutally overworked the peasants, or a moneylender who gouged serfs who took out loans after bad harvests or times of shortages. So when the Bolsheviks showed up and announced they were getting rid of the kulaks, the peasants rejoiced: no more brutal overwork, no more confiscatory interest payments.

But then the meaning expanded to embrace well-to-do peasants – people who owned their own homes or a small plot of farmland. And then peasants with a handful of cattle or horses. Then any peasant who owned a single cow. Eventually everybody got to be a kulak, with an equal chance of ending up in the Gulag.

Today, the equivalent would be “domestic terrorist.” Originally, this meant trash like Theodore Kaczynski or Timothy McVeigh. But this too expanded during the Clinton years to cover cranky religious leaders and backwoods off-the-gridders, and then Tea Party members, and Trump loyalists, until at last it has come to mean… parents of small children.

Among the groups targeted by the Left on behalf of COVID vaccines, Jan. 6, or anything else they come up with are included:

Police – These were among the forefront of the new American kulaks. Following the George Floyd frenzy, there was suddenly no more criticism of poor law enforcement policymaking or the blue wall of silence, no more calls for reform, but simply defunding across the board, a code word for abolition of law enforcement nationwide. Results have included skyrocketing crime rates largely limited to blue cities, cops resigning in droves, and feuds, such as that involving Chicago’s handsome, rugged mayor, between city departments and local governments. The left has begun running from this stance as if pursued by muggers. 

Pilots – Along with other aircrew, airline pilots have been adamant about defying the vaccine mandate. They knew that they had a grip on important appendages of both industry and government, and they squeezed. President Asterisk, he no like, and went public with his disapproval. This had all the effect that might have been expected, and in short order Delta caved, followed by Southwest. The rest of the industry is quietly following, marking a wholesale defeat for vaccine mandates.

Medical personnel – These are people who understand medicine, know what a vaccine is, and what it is intended to do. When they refuse to accept a mandated “vaccine,” it would pay to listen. But the industry hierarchy knew better, and doctors, nurses, and attendants who held fast have been treated more harshly than workers in any field, large numbers of them being fired immediately. The result has been under-the-table efforts by hospitals and health conglomerates to hire personnel at vastly expanded salaries and large bonuses. Most of these offers have gone begging. This will not end well for healthcare.

Truckers – The supply chain debacle has been portrayed by media as one of those inexplicable black swans that come out of nowhere and are beyond human comprehension. This is nonsense. The sole cause of this “crisis” is a demented diktat from Gavin Newsom forbidding trucks more than three years old from loading at California ports. The logic behind this is unknown, but presumably has something to do with Gaia being angry. The end result is what we see: ships backed up off LA, containers piling up in the ports (or even dumped in hapless LA neighborhoods), and shortages as far as the eye can see. Lost amid all the uproar are the nation’s truckers, who must be boiling over with fury. (Try to find a single quote from one in the legacy media.) Florida governor Ron DeSantis has immediately leapt in to offer his state’s ports to all comers, and will presumably be followed by other governors, so long-term, the situation will right itself, as tends to happen in capitalist economies. But the wounds inflicted will last a long time – and California slides ever closer to the precipice.

Along with these, we can add people who celebrate Christmas (or the holidays in general), billionaires (people with over $600 in the bank, according to the Biden junta), enlisted military personnel, and Republicans and MAGA supporters in general. But nothing beats the government campaign against those enemies of the people and vile counterrevolutionary saboteurs — parents of school-age children.

This is, evidently, a product of the mind of Merrick Garland. Anyone opposing Mitch McConnell needs to hold onto the thought that Cocaine Mitch prevented this creature from sitting on the Supreme Court.

This past year has revealed Garland to be a petty, vicious, small-minded bureaucrat. But his “domestic terrorist” order, identifying parents of schoolchildren as enemies of the state, has also revealed him to be a complete idiot.

Garland was triggered by an incident in Loudoun County, Virginia, in which a member of a government protected class – a male transexual – followed a young girl into a high-school bathroom and raped her in a particularly repellent fashion. Cops looked the other way, the school and school board initiated a coverup, and it looked as if Tootsie, Jr. was going to walk until the girl’s father, Steven Smith, showed up at the next school board meeting.

When Smith attempted to speak, the board declared the meeting a “public disturbance” and sicced the cops on him. The cops put Smith under arrest, attempting to humiliate him by tearing his pants off. Smith was booked on a series of specious charges.

A short time later the transexual rapist was also “arrested” – picked up and almost instantly released. Shortly after the start of the next school year, he attacked another child under similar circumstances.

The National Association of School Boards appealed to the regime to put an end to all this unseemly uproar. Garland attempted to do so by labelling school board critics “domestic terrorists” and threatening action through the FBI, going so far to refer to Smith in particular. Don’t ever let it be said that you don’t know what “domestic terrorist” means – according to the Department of Justice, it’s a father whose young daughter has been raped.

How far Garland intends to take it is difficult to say. Armored tactical teams pouring into school board meetings when somebody at the mike speaks a trigger word? Agents in varsity jackets sitting in the rear, taking surreptitious photos of attendees? Agents in dark suits and mirrorshades standing behind the school boards, glaring out at the assembled parents?

None of this is going to happen. In fact, nothing at all will. It was something far more than simply a stupid move. It was an impossible one.

There are nearly 700,000 cops in the U.S., 3.5 million truckers, nearly ten million health-care workers. But the number of parents, at over 63 million dwarfs them all. The Biden administration has made enemies of every last one.

Parents, particularly parents of school-age children, tend to inhabit a particular space along the political spectrum. They are quintessential moderates, middle-of-the-roaders who loathe extremes and yearn for   stability above all, a steady environment in which to raise their families in peace and security. “Independents” is not the word – they are largely vote-splitters who cast their ballots for the least radical or frightening candidate of either party. They are easily gulled, easily led by platitudes and bogus promises. Many likely voted for Grandpa Joe as opposed to the fiery-haired monster knocking down buildings and frightening the horses. All this is now ended.

We saw the first consequence of the war between the woke left and America’s parents became apparent earlier this month. The left lost one gleaming jewel in its blue state crown and came with inches of losing another (and if it wasn’t for the standard bogus vote from Essex and Hudson counties, Phil Murphy would be packing his bags right now). There’s no debating this conclusion: Terry McAuliffe directly and repeatedly challenged parents, and they responded.

But that’s far from the end of it. The American Left has kicked open a door. The law of karma is simple: when you do that, you have to accept whatever comes through. That door is still swinging wide, and mammoth footfalls can be heard approaching.