The blanket label being used to go after dissenting Americans

Source: Jon Bowne |

It is past due that we pull back the curtain on who is actually responsible for the events of January 6.

The events that day were provoked by a myriad of anti-patriot parties lurking in the media and the government, luring in waves of disillusioned voters simply asking for answers to their questions about rampant election fraud.

For the most part, these people were merely expressing what is left of their Constitutional Rights on that shamefully misunderstood day while the social engineers of 2020 chaos and their politically driven overlords manipulated the media narrative causing an estimated 15 to 26 million people to demonstrate under largely misleading pretenses, inciting upwards of 2 Billion in property damage in Minneapolis, Minnesota alone.

There are major crimes being committed in broad daylight but most people are privy to the comfortable hallucinations sold to them.

That doesn’t mean that the criminals perpetrating the selling out of the United States won’t eventually put an end to those comfortable hallucinations.

America must completely awaken because the United Nations/European Union-backed globalist construct will not stop until they have accomplished their New World Order Agenda whether the masses ignore it or not.