Source: Robert Besser

HONG KONG: Hong Kong authorities have begun killing wild boars, which have roamed the city at will in recent years.

The city’s actions follow an increasing number of attacks by the animals, including a boar recently biting a police officer.

On November 17, operating only 30 minutes from the city center, animal control officers used dart guns to capture seven wild boars, which were later euthanized by ejection, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said in a statement.

Wild boars have become a common sight in the city, sometimes seen along hiking trails. More often, however, they are wandering down city streets in packs and feasting on garbage.

In past years, Hong Kong officials have sought to relocate and sterilize the boars, which proved unsuccessful.

“A large group of wild pigs continued to wander ..posing threats to members of the public and road users,” a statement issued by the city read.

In the most recent incident, a wild boar knocked down a police officer and bit his leg.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has said the city will fine anyone resident caught feeding boars.

“I understand that a lot of Hong Kong people love the wetlands and nature. However, we also need to protect public safety,” Lam said earlier this week.

“There were about 30 cases of wild boars attacking humans, we can’t simply sit on our hands while things deteriorate,” she said.

Meanwhile, a number of animal rights groups have criticized the city’s killing of boars.