Source: CD Media

Chatham County Patriots outline the election fraud they see within the internal operations of the GA Republican Party.

Below is provided from Chatham County Patriots

GRP = Georgia Republican Party

Sarah Thompson – GRP member, convention delegate, former Army officer, a military spouse of Navy Retiree, home school mom of four.

Shannon Hall – GRP member, House District Chairwoman, multi-business owner, mom.

Chasity Pawvlik – GRP member, Chatham County Precinct Chairwoman, business owner, a military spouse of an Army Veteran, mom, and to-be grandmother.

According to the Chatham County Republican Party Unelected Executives, the Chatham Appellants have done ‘zero’ for the party and are actually Democrats on paper. This is a lie.
Here is the actual GOP Resume of the Chatham Appellants:

-volunteers with the Republican Party during the 2020 election cycle

-promoted and attended countless 2020 GOP events on social media and with direct communication

-published thousands of posts and created over 1.2 million engagements for 2020 election issues on a local conservative free press social media page

-steadily monitored and investigated candidates and elected officials throughout Chatham County in a spirit of Republican accountability

-led and organized speaker teams to apply pressure to the City of Savannah and the Chatham County School Board; our team was responsible for our city property tax rollback in 2020 and the spotlighting of an extremely Marxist Superintendent

-engaged activities within conservative-leaning organizations in Chatham county

-directly trained and sent over 120 new county Chairmen and delegates to the county party during the 2021 GOP Convention Season with only 5 weeks of preparation

-groomed approximately 15 candidates to run for executive positions at the Chatham County and First District GOP conventions

-sent at least 30 newcomers to the First District and State GOP Conventions, even though we had lost our delegate positions to corrupt county leadership of our elections process

-oversaw the formation of a new Republican organization to restore the county with participation from members throughout South Georgia 

-led the formation of a vibrant committee to train County Precinct Chairmen in their GOP roles; we have held two very successful training classes to date

-organized and hosted numerous grassroots events supporting conservative ideals 

-hosted multiple American flag, Trump, and freedom rallies throughout the county

-conducted four community classes on the U.S. Constitution 

-planned and led multiple Savannah historical heritage recognition and monument defense events to dovetail critical conservative political efforts 

-planned and led two ‘running of the flag’ events on July 4 2020 & 2021 at Savannah’s historic Forsyth Park, engaging over 500 participants & potential volunteers