Source: Starnge Sounds

It’s been barely a week since devastating flooding accompanied an atmospheric river that lashed parts of British Columbia, isolating the city of Vancouver as landslides and washouts made roadways impassible. The deluge dumped double-digit rain totals in southwestern Canada, and the resulting flooding displaced thousands of people.

Severe flooding also occurred in northwest Washington state, with heavy rainfall contributing to one-month totals of up to 40 inches in the mountains.

Now, another atmospheric river is set to unleash additional heavy rains and flooding in the already-waterlogged area starting Wednesday, preceding a second event that will begin late Friday and continue into the weekend.

The next downpours are expected to arrive with some roads in British Columbia still closed and just as some displaced residents return home.

Tyler Hamilton, a meteorologist for the Weather Network, a cable weather channel in Canada, called computer model precipitation forecasts for British Columbia “disconcerting,” writing in a tweet that incoming moisture would solidify “one of the wettest Novembers in recorded history.”

Predicted precipitation in Washington state is likely to be less intense but still potentially problematic.

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