Source: Khalid Umar Malik

DHAKA, Bangladesh – On Tuesday, a Bangladeshi Vijay Dutt (40), known as ‘Momin,’ was apprehended for running a sex racket in India for the past few years, supplying thousands of girls to various Indian cities.

Six more people have been arrested, including two girls who were involved in the flesh market.

According to authorities, Momin’s wife managed an NGO in Bangladesh that transported females to India for work, and her husband subsequently pushed them into the flesh trade.

The police said that the accused had supplied 5,000 girls to various regions of the country. The authorities have notified intelligence agencies about the incident because it involves two countries.

He confessed to being a Bangladeshi national living in India under a false name obtained via fake documents. He used to send girls to various locations across the country. He has lost track of how many girls he has supplied but estimates that the figure is thousands.

Momin and others have been charged with human smuggling, narcotics trafficking, and other crimes, and police intend to hold them in custody for further interrogation.