Source: JD Rucker

Breakthrough cases are so rare, singer Bryan Adams has been able to win the Covid lottery TWICE in a month. The tree-hugging vegan has unintentionally proven the point that his radical progressive friends have tried so hard to debunk: the “vaccines” do not protect people from catching Covid-19, nor do they keep people from spreading it.

Of course, he’s not alone. The more vaccinated any particular area is, the more likely it will see an “unexplainable” and “perplexing” surge in cases. In reality, there’s nothing perplexing about it other than the inability for vaxx-nannies to see the writing on the wall.

According to Reuters:

Adams, who is also a photographer, came to Milan to promote Pirelli’s 2022 calendar, which he had shot.

“Here I am, just arrived in Milano and I’ve tested positive for the second time in a month for Covid. So it’s off to hospital for me,” he said in a post on Instagram, showing a photo of himself wearing a mask, sat behind a table.

“Thanks for all your support,” he said.

Adams wrote in a post-dated Oct. 31 that he had had COVID, but had not suffered any symptoms. He subsequently performed concerts in Las Vegas before heading to Italy.

The various official narratives surrounding Covid-19 are false, but some are more false than others. The efficacy and safety of the so-called “vaccines” are highest on the list of mainstream falsehoods being disseminated to the gullible masses.