Source: Eric Thompson

A mental condition popped up during the 2020 GOP presidential primaries and is still affecting tens of thousands of radical leftists today; Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Their unhealthy disdain for President Trump, MAGA supporters, traditional values, and nationalism, has the far left in the Democratic Party freaking out about Joe Biden’s poor performance resulting in very low approval numbers.

With Trump expected to run again in 24, coupled with President Biden’s poor performance, especially over the past six months, the left has moved up the timetable for them to find alternatives to Biden, whom they could start backing after the 2022 mid-term elections.

They are already quietly predicting that if the administration’s poll numbers don’t improve with more deliverables, the grassroots and disgruntled liberals will seek another candidate to compete for the nomination.

“It’s definitely something that’s brewing under the surface. It’s called the anxiety of the American people, which is causing this scramble in political bubbles about what the possibilities can be,” said Nina Turner, a leading progressive activist who co-chaired Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s (I-Vt.) second presidential bid.

White House officials have said multiple times that the president intends to run again but Turner is leaning towards the increasing odds Biden will not be on the ticket. “If President Joe Biden does not seek reelection for whatever reason, that makes this a totally open seat. Period,”

And she’s not alone. A significant number of progressives believe Biden should be doing more to deliver economic and social relief for working and middle-class people.

The very conversation could become a headache for the White House, which is still working to trumpet the accomplishments of the bipartisan infrastructure bill and to get the president’s Build Back Better agenda through the Senate after it passed in the House.

Vice President Harris is not a shoo-in to replace Biden as she is still suffering from negative CNN polling and reports that her office is filled with personnel and morale problems.

“There is a strong possibility, obviously, that the current vice president may seek the presidency again,” Turner said. “And there’s an even stronger possibility that others will be seeking the presidency, including people on the progressive left.”