Source: Jared Peterson

For nearly a year the Biden “presidency” — whoever they are — has subjected the United States to a destructive revolutionary agenda of unprecedented scope and virulence, all of it arising out of an irrational civilizational death wish for which there is no historical parallel.

No more than a small minority of Americans knowingly voted for this.

Given safety from reprisal, large majorities of the electorate would reject both the underlying unhinged beliefs and the ruinous policies and goals that have been promoted since Biden and his opaque gang took office.

Here’s an incomplete list of the reality-averse ideas and suicidal policies that America’s ruling revolutionaries have promulgated and pursued since January 20, 2021:  

  • Western civilization in general and America in particular are and always have been evil, and accordingly must be “fundamentally transformed,” i.e., abolished by revolution, whether or not majorities have ever expressed a desire for  revolution
  • Whites, by their nature, are congenitally, innately, permanently racist, and every child and student in the nation must be taught that as fact;
  • “Systemic racism,” whatever that is, is ubiquitous in America, and is the principal, indeed only, barrier to black success; that too must be universally taught and acknowledged as fact;
  • A multiplicity of “genders” exists — rather than two biologically determined sexes – a subjective identity smorgasbord from which every person, including every child, may choose; all individuals and institutions must go along with that subjective choice, or endure social and career ostracism or — soon — worse;
  • It is highly desirable, indeed essential, to forcibly, explicitly, and in detail, expose young children to radical gender ideology and to the most bizarre and statistically rare expressions of human sexuality;  
  • It is racism, genderism, or some other criminal “ism” to base college admissions or employment decisions on demonstrated ability, behavior, and character — “excellence” is a white male plot; human sorting must be predicated on group membership (race, sex or sexual orientation), and any underrepresentation of “oppressed” groups in desirable schools, careers or positions is irrefutable proof of invidious discrimination;
  • Permanently abolished borders and unlimited, unexamined immigration to America  are unchallengeable goods; those who oppose either are racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, or generalized haters, and all of them deserve the same ostracism and career penalties as those who doubt the reality of subjective multi-genderism;
  • As a desirable consequence of open borders and unlimited immigration the nation-state will be abolished (that is, only those nation-states of the West), to be replaced by international boarding houses occupied by peoples with conflicting values and behavior patterns, and differing abilities, interests, and languages; this will be a great good and will usher in a period of historically unprecedented peace and prosperity; opposition in any form to unlimited immigration is “white nationalism”;
  • Many if not most crimes of theft are not crimes at all and should not be prosecuted; where mass looting and destruction of property occur, whether or not incident to political protest, the police, and armed private guards should always stand down, and nothing ever should be done that might cause harm to the looters; even violent felonies should be treated leniently, especially where the perpetrator is a member of an “oppressed” group and the ostensible victim a member of the “oppressor” group (i.e., a heterosexual white male);
  • To save Mother Earth from “climate change,” there must be a radical downward adjustment of America’s standard of living; this ultimately will include dramatically reduced single-family homeownership while most of the population lives in cramped urban glass and steel boxes; sharply reduced access to personal vehicles and commercial air travel; and radically altered diets; in sum, a civilization that affords the vast majority of its citizens far fewer enjoyments and material goods than now … while its elites continue to live large, as before; and
  • Finally, the foregoing beliefs are so indisputably true, and the resultant agenda so urgently necessary, that it’s fully appropriate to abolish free expression, if that’s what it takes, to compel universal acceptance of both the beliefs and agenda. The necessary abolition of free expression is already well underway through branding opposing opinions or inconvenient facts as “hate speech” or “disinformation;” this ongoing campaign of first amendment suppression will continue and be intensified. Appropriate internet banning, coupled with employment, career, and other penalties will be imposed on those so branded.

These lunatic beliefs and goals — only a partial list – amount to the most astonishing embrace of guaranteed civilizational extinction in the history of government.  And their promulgation by the highest powers in the United States has been in high gear for almost a year.

It can’t be said strongly or often enough, that the destructive madness now passing as federal ideology and policy amounts to an unprecedented revolution more profoundly radical than any other in human history. It includes a redefinition of human nature and the human family; mandatory confession of evil and racism by a nation’s founding and still majority people; rejection of that country’s founding values of individual liberty and the rule of law; and replacement of merit and character with group identity as the primary basis of social reward.

Robespierre, Lenin, and Mao — all would have shrunk from this prescription for assured social destruction.

How did we get here?

How did one of the two major political parties come to embrace an ideology whose fact-free, reality-averse explicit goal is the dismantling of its own highly successful, free, and prosperous country? 

The causes are several and beyond the scope of a brief column — they include normal Americans’ negligent forfeiture to the Left of their public schools and universities, leading to the transformation of both major media and popular culture into instruments of leftist propaganda, the left’s near-complete control of the internet (also directly caused by forfeiture of the educational institutions) and growing electoral corruption by the left.  

Whatever the long, medium, and short term causes, the coup has happened and the revolution is in progress. We are now in the midst of it, and the only question worth asking is how, if at all, a counterrevolution of sanity can be mounted and succeed.

Surprisingly, there is real hope. That hope lies in two stubborn centers of resistance that remain: nearly 50% of the American electorate, judging by the 2016 and 2020 elections; and the Republican Party.

Mention of the Republican Party may have caused a few groans from the readership, and I sympathize. The Republican Party may not be much, but, institutionally, it’s all we’ve got. Every other major American institution has either signed on for the revolution or completely acquiesced to it.  

First, the more encouraging of the two holdouts: The stubborn 50%.

The last two presidential elections have established that despite all the institutional losses and capitulations, despite the massive information suppression and nonstop stream of unanswered leftist propaganda, nearly 50% of the American electorate remains actively opposed to the Left’s agenda and imbued with the same basic good sense and patriotism that prevailed in both major political parties 50 years ago. These two elections have revealed a huge and obstinate reservoir of national immunity to the Left’s informational monopoly and propaganda.  European patriots can only look on with envy. 

If the second remnant of the opposition, the Republican Party, can be made to grasp the significance of this tenacious and enormous reserve of patriotism and good sense, the route would still be open to the recovery of the presidency and the congress and, with that, to a gradual, albeit lengthy and tortured, reassertion of national sanity.

There’s the rub. The Republican Party, the only electoral vehicle that can deliver America from this mess, is the same Party that got us into it. Its decades-long failure to defend America from the Left’s malicious falsehoods and delusional notions goes back at least to 1992. 

But politically attentive conservatives and patriots must be charitable and realistic about the Republican Party:

In all Western democracies, it’s the left who are the political pros, the fanatics armed with utopian truth who live politics 24/7, most of them all their lives. Republicans and their center-right cousins elsewhere, as defenders of tradition and gradual change against revolution, are always and everywhere the amateurs.  This will never change. They are the part-timers, who before politics actually accomplished something: they are the mothers of elementary school children who were never interested in politics until they took a close look at what’s being taught to their children in the public schools; the successful heartland small businessman, respected and liked by everyone, who winds up in Congress; the entrepreneurial founder of a new company who’s made a fortune and now believes (mistakenly) that his proven business acumen will facilitate a seamless transition to political sophistication and success.

The Republican Party has other types too (including a few grifters and those who’ve been bought by the Chamber of Commerce, but far fewer of these than the left); but most, like the school-politicized mother, the small businessman, the successful entrepreneur, are orders of magnitude less politically sophisticated and less certain their agenda than the Left.

Many of them compromise when they shouldn’t; are unsure of their agenda; actually believe the advice of the Washington Post and New York Times who “helpfully” counsel Republicans to “moderation” on the issues where clarity and toughness will resonate.

Conservatives’ job between now and the congressional elections of 2022 is to convey to the Republican Party, everywhere and at all levels, the historically unique destructiveness of what’s now coming out of Washington and, hence, the enormity of the stakes; and the need for absolutely resolute clarity and toughness in rejecting the entirety of the Democrats’ insane ideology and agenda.  If that message gets through to the Party — and is coupled this time with an actual battle plan that includes troops on the ground to defeat electoral corruption — the once-free American republic might be able to gain a significant political foothold to resist those trying to replace it with an interlocking globalist tyranny.