Source: Daily Mail

A judge in upstate New York has ordered an 11-year-old girl to get the Covid-19 vaccine, siding with the girl’s lawyer mother in a legal dispute with her scientist father. 

The ruling comes in the re-opening of a 2012 divorce between Jeannie Figer and her ex, Donald Figer to ask the judge to let her vaccinate the child.

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Donald, who has himself been vaccinated, didn’t want them to rush the shot for his daughter as there were not any studies conducted on long-term side effects of the vaccine on kids, court papers say.

The father is a scientist and college professor at one of the area’s premier institutions.’ His Facebook page lists his place of employment as Rochester Institute of Technology. 

But Monroe County Supreme Court Judge Richard Dollinger ruled that time is of the essence in getting the 11-year-old vaccinated against the virus, and sided with Jeannie, who works as an attorney.

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‘Waiting — to be ‘sure,’ as the father asks — is simply untenable, when the specter of a killing or incapacitating disease is swirling in the environment surrounding this young girl,’ Dollinger said in his ruling.

‘Scientists may never catch up to this ever-evolving and elusive virus and variants.’

The judge ordered the mother to get her daughter a vaccination appointment as soon as possible. It is unclear if the girl has since had the shot. 

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