Source: Dr. Smith

Tonight I worked an overnight ER shift in central Texas.  For the past week, admissions from the ERs have been difficult as the hospital beds have been filling up and hospitals have been going on diversion.  All week I have been asking if there was a surge of local covid I just wasn’t seeing.  I personally haven’t admitted a patient for covid disease in over 2 months.  I kept being told no it was just higher than the normal non-covid disease.  Tonight I asked again for any clues as to why the hospitals were full.  I was told to look at the CDC Covid map and see that we were a low incidence region of Covid surrounded by red in the outlying states.  Consequently, the other states that have much higher Covid case rates have been desperate to find hospitals for their Covid patients so they have been shipping them to our corner of Texas to decompress their own medical systems.  Many patients are from Louisiana (Democrat governor).  I heard that and sat down in disbelief.  Moments later I recalled the following events of the past year in the US:

2 March 2021 Texas Governor Abbott ends statewide mask mandate and allows Texas businesses to operate at full capacity

3 March 2021 President Biden criticizes Abbott’s ‘big mistake’ and ‘Neanderthal thinking’

28 October 2021 NAACP advises athletes to avoid signing with Texas teams due to Texas’ covid policy

Early NOV 2021  I traveled to Florida for a large outdoor rock festival.  Before traveling I noted that Florida and Texas had the lowest incidences of covid in the nation.  Florida had opened for businesses as well and rejected mask mandates.

10 Dec 2021 CDC website notes Florida and Texas have the lowest incidences of covid

Pandemics end when either the disease is completely isolated, the entire population is vaccinated with a 100% effective vaccine, the population achieves herd immunity, and/or the virus mutates to less worrisome forms and becomes of no consequence.  We know the vaccine has been less effective against recent variants, namely the delta and omicron variants.  In fact, most of the early cases of Omicron in the US were exclusively in vaccinated patients.  

The current CDC map tells it all. The states (almost all with Democrat governors) that persisted with lockdowns and a chief strategy of vaccines alone to end the pandemic now have a much higher infection and death rates than the states that ‘opened for business’ long ago and thoughtfully allowed a mix of vaccination and herd immunity to protect more of its population.  In the US Covid has become a disease of the vaccinated.

As of today (11 December 2021, day 18 of the Omicron variant), there have been 0 deaths globally reported by the WHO due to the Omicron variant.  Many liberal/blue states are once again going into mandate and lockdown mode.  The states with the most open society/freedoms have the least Covid now.  As punishment, their hospitals must absorb the Covid overload from the states that used fear and not science to guide policy.  Texans should be furious at the blue states and the President* for rejecting real science for fear-mongering.  Now Texans are being denied hospital beds and are stuck in ERs hoping the hospital beds will open up soon as they are being taken by Covid patients from fearmongering regions.

President Biden, NAACP leadership – Texas is using science.  You are the one with ‘Neanderthal’ thinking

Penned under a pseudonym due to US Medical organizations trending towards censoring physicians this letter is the opinion of the author and does not represent the stance of any organizations or corporations